Plunge into childhood

Dear friends, the theme itself was born.

Yesterday came home from work and my son 12 years watching this film.

Soviet vessel was carrying a cargo of opium for the pharmaceutical industry. Modern pirates, going after a rich loot, had treacherously captured the ship and crew.

Not to leave witnesses to this robbery, the pirates tried to eliminate the whole crew. The oceans played out a tense struggle between a handful of Soviet sailors and the modern pirates who do not know mercy ...

Even the dinner did not go to the villages to look to the end ... At the end of already let a tear ...

His 12 years remembered.

So comrades, each of you watched it more than once breaking at times without a ticket !!!

Pirates of the twentieth century, 20 ph + text.




Boris Durov


Boris Durov, Stanislav Govorukhin

Director of the film - the operator

Alexander Rybin


Evgeny Gevorgyan


87.6 million.

Premiere (World)

July 14, 1980

• Tadeusz Kasyanov - boatswain Mikheich

• Nikolai Eremenko Jr. - Sergei Sergeyevich, "Grandfather," the chief engineer

• Dilorom Kambarova - Maa

• Natalia Harahorina - Masha

• Yuri Kutyrev

• Maya Eglite - Ain

• Victor Zhiganov - Igor Stetsenko

• Leonid Trutnev - radioman

• Peter Velyaminov - Ivan Ilyich, Captain

• Georgy Martirosian - Klyuyev

• Remezov - Dr.

• Gordeev - Jura Mikosha


• Raynaud's stage - the leader of the pirates

• Talgat Nigmatulin - Saleh

• Vladimir Yepiskoposyan

• Igor I. Class - Shveygart

• Jahangir Shakhmuradov - Noah

• N. Begalin

• L. Azita

• B. Kumalagov

• D. Chetverikov

Soviet cargo ship in a foreign port receives cargo of opium for the pharmaceutical industry and is directed to Vladivostok. Along the way, the crew picks up the distressed man. Suddenly, the ship attacked armed unknown vessel. A "victim" turns out to be just that and waited for: it disables the station, preventing a signal of distress. During the attack, part of the crew of a merchant ship die, but the survivors descend the boat and depart from the ship. To leave no witnesses or clues thugs flooded the Soviet ship, but the captain of the boat due to the resourcefulness to surviving remains unnoticed. However, the boat carries over to the side of the shipping lanes. After wandering on the waves of one of the girls escaped notice on the horizon ground. Boat clings to the shore, but after investigation it turns out that miraculously escaped the sailors are not alone on the island - this piece of land with a comfortable bay chosen by pirates. After the "military council" and evaluating forces captain decided - capturing standing in the bay pirate ship.

Leaving women in a secluded cave, the team spends the night operation to seize the vessel. At this time, random sounds pirates are women. On the morning of Soviet sailors pirate captain offers to exchange the ship in a speedboat with supplies and hostages. The term was scheduled for midnight. In order to increase the chances in this trafficking, sailors looking confused the channel to the open sea and among the reefs of the bay, after they found the hiding place of a pirate captain, he almost succeeds. Almost, because the channel is turned mined pirates. Ivan Ilyich goes to negotiate with the wicked, and the result is an agreement on the exchange. Mariners passed whaleboat, which, as it turns out after a short time, skillfully spoiled by pirates. Sergey, is engaged in repairing boats boatswain returned to the ship and destroys it.

1979. He goes to the theaters of the Soviet Union !!!

It turns out a film production studio named after M. Gorky "Pirates of the 20th century" - the first Soviet fighter with stunts, shooting, fights and love. What was going on at the box office - simply defies description! Tickets were taken by storm, and often - just two or three sessions in a row! Fortunately, while the prices were very affordable ...

Filming carried out in three places of the Crimea: in the New World - Plunder Bay, Blue Bay, King's Beach; Koktebel (former. Planerskoe); near the village of the Black Sea (Cape Tarkhankut) - through the grotto. The shooting used ships "Fatezh" and "Admiral Lunin."

In the film the first time in the Soviet cinema extensively used techniques of karate. Because of this, the film was repeatedly threatened with closure because karate was considered alien to the Soviet way of life of the martial art.

This tape Boris Durov has remained unmatched among domestic paintings at the box results in the history of Soviet cinema, even though that was artificially low circulation. It is one and a half times less than that of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", and 312 copies of the inferior position of the "crew", which was released a little earlier, but in the same 1980, and attracted still fewer spectators. The fact that the circulation of "Pirates of the twentieth century" was clearly insufficient evidence and the highest figure in the history of each print from - 70, 4 thousand. Viewers.

That is, when equal starting positions of the picture "Pirates of the twentieth century" could be the result of about 110 million. But even without this it turned out that it saw in the year of hire, every third Soviet man. Although, of course, they looked mostly teenagers, some of them - 5-7 times, seeing as the modern version of "Treasure Island," the more that the basis was the real story, even without the participation of the Soviet seamen.

But in a situation of famine and almost genre ban on karate lessons so openly pirated movies could not cause a stir, despite the fact that now there is seen a lot about and made in haste. Do not be offended at this current political activist Stanislav Govorukhin, screenwriter of "Pirates of the twentieth century." However, he and Boris Durov accurately calculated that when you cross an old story about pirates somewhere in the unknown expanses of water with very urgent and feasible, the capture of the Soviet merchant ship current terrorists, the "adventure far from home" acquire special interest. First of all - for those who wish to spend time entertaining on a spirited action movie with stunt and karate, as well as experience the patriotic feelings, worrying about their fellow citizens.

Later the same Govorukhin, but in alliance with the director Stepan Puchinyanom tried in vain to repeat the success, creating almost tracing - "Secrets of madam Wong", but the first "perestroika" in 1986 th was clearly not comparable with the year "sports-ideological confrontation" during the Olympics in Moscow. But "Pirates of the twentieth century" was released immediately after it in August 1980 - and it was in a movie as it continued international Conquest duel in the arena sized deck of the ship with a cargo of opium on board, designed for the pharmaceutical industry. By the way, prone, as they say, to use drugs actor karate Talgat Nigmatulin soon died in Vilnius as a result of the mysterious showdown, and Dilorom Kambarova also not without female fatalities due to shooting in this tape.

After the first private show in the film of the Komsomol cursed and sent "on the shelf". The painting remained in oblivion, until one of the workers of the State Film Fund did not think to send a copy of the film to the country to the then Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee LI Brezhnev ...

Secretary General came to the indescribable delight from the seen, and wide distribution was not long to wait ...

Morning sessions on weekdays often had to cancel - schoolchildren whole classes ran from school to watch "Pirates."

The film's director initially refused to approve Nikolai Eremenko for the lead role, but after Nicholas demonstrated his physical training, making spectacular somersaults and showing a well developed muscles, the actor was immediately approved by the role

In one scene of the film (a jump from a cliff on the roof of the ship), the actor jumped into the water near the ship's broadside. During the ascent, Nikolai Eremenko almost fell under the working screw ship, which passed directly over him. The actor miraculously managed to sail to a safe distance from the screws.

In the Soviet box office movie looked 90 million. Viewers.

During filming Eremenko actively engaged with the coach in karate.

Nikolai Eremenko at the beginning of the 90s was the idea to remove the sequel to "Pirates", but then, in times of a deep crisis of the national cinema, was found worthy of funding picture. For the second time this idea Eremenko back in 1998, but then suddenly interrupted the economic crisis in Russia ...

In dale film is based on real events.

Here is a movie that's comrades !!!

I finished !!!



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