Miracle baby

The kid who was born with very little brain, is celebrating its second birthday. The child's mother, Shelly Hall says that about health problems, she learned more during pregnancy. Fetus found a large accumulation of fluid in the brain. For this reason, the woman repeatedly offered to terminate the pregnancy. But Shelley and her husband, Rob, decided to give a chance to Noah (the boy's parents named).

Born March 6, 2012, Noah sighed and even cried. The child has been very rare chromosomal abnormalities - virtually no brain, also observed spina bifida. Physicians reported that they could not sew the hole, as it is too large. The lower part of the body was paralyzed. Chance of survival was virtually no family prepares for the funeral and even bought a coffin kid.

Ten days after birth, the mother and child were discharged from the hospital, but they had to constantly visit a medical center, to pump fluid from the brain of a boy.

Now, to the surprise of doctors, Noah was two years old. He shows the ability to learn, even goes to the pot for the next portion of chocolate.

Despite all the difficulties, the family is very happy Wall. Of course, they actually perceive the situation and prepare for the worst, but still happy every day of Noah's life.

Source: talgar-sity.kz


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