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Some are already aware of my yet troubled relationship to air travel, as well as a love for trains. So. In Prague, I was getting on the train from Belorussky Station. From there you can go not only to Prague, but also in Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Bratislava and many other European cities. For aerophobia like me at the time. You can read more about these trains to Russian Railways website. Typically, in the same train may be cars going in a completely different direction, the road was repeatedly rearranged. RZhDshny restaurant car, it should be noted, is uncoupled in Brest, and then you have to eat only those supplies that you take with you.
The road to Prague took more than a day, and the train had to spend two nights. A lot of time is spent in Granz, checking documents, inspection (sometimes superficial, sometimes meticulous), as well as in the transposition of trucks (which I will show below).
In Europe, it does not go quite ordinary cars, and some of them little old shabby, blue, or with drawings, and some newer, fiberglass, serviceable air conditioning and vacuum toilets - these cars are painted in the colors of the Russian tricolor. Ride succeeded on both types of cars. And that's what I say: if you have to go by train to the EU, be sure to specify what car you sit down and ask for a new three-color, unless you provide this information. The way cars look inside and outside you can see in the pictures. But I'll tell you one more thing: I was getting there in an old "evrovagonchike" that serviced-Czech conductor. Cech was very greedy and tried to trade with boiling water. But we had a kettle and a bottle of water, and in all these compartments "eurocars" has 220 volt outlet. However, at the same time, the man was very pofigichen: toilet in his ancient car was old with the release on the sleeper (did not even know that in Europe are still allowed), so here it is, this is the toilet did not close ever, and sneezing like the notion of " sanitary zone ". Speaking of sockets. They are in the compartment and give a 220, while in the car hanging plate, warns that the socket only for shaving, and if it is necessary to charge a mobile phone to contact the conductor, which is likely to ask for this denyushku, otherwise do not carry responsible for damaged equipment. Naturally, we relied on the off chance and there quietly charged mobile telephones and connects kettles, nothing will happen to them (see, sounds strange that the razor will work fine, but other devices will take and spoil it!).

I always wondered how our train moves on the European track. Let me remind those who have not to this topic in Russia and CIS countries, all the way have a width of 1520mm, in Finland in 1524, although our substations can ride and on him, but the rest of Europe the main track has a width of 1435mm. About the fact that the cars are changing carts on the border of course I've heard, I now had the opportunity to also observe this process. Filmed secretly true, that would not palitsya, too stern faces were these Belarusian guys changing carts. Yes, if you have not yet understood, the passengers remained in the cars and leave them as it is not permitted, although some vseravno go to the toilet or smoke. And the merchants of junk food and walk around freely on the seemingly closed area. On the way back heard horror stories like some girl run over the same cart, when she unwisely decided to take a stroll among the ditches and jacks. In the pictures you just can see the room in which the change trolley.

Cars disengage and distributed into ditches, followed by each car rises powerful jacks (yellow hrenoviny those in the pictures), and it happens so smoothly that being inside felt nothing, except, of course, the tow. Raised in such a way that the car would be the axis on which rests truck came out of the hole. After this, the trolley ropes and mesh roll out from under the wagon.

Once removed the old truck, a car drove into place other trucks designed for movement on the other track. It's not visible, but as far as I realized the truck. designed for movement along the tracks 1435 are wider wheels and a so-called skirt has greater clearance relative to the rail heads at 1520, so the trolley can roll on 1520 for the replacement and the slow moving composition on track 1435 but to maintain them at our track nepoluchitsya because of the gap - the train could derail. Let the experts correct me if I'm describing this process is not accurate. Here's a hemorrhoid is created by the difference in the standard track gauge. And I almost forgot, together with carts and change the hitch that you could hitch our wagons to ihnim, as well as to the locomotive: locomotive carts do not change, and a mesh structure to the other loci.

And now the trailer is in the new carts, and ready to go on the track 1435.

Some suburban station in Poland after crossing the border.

Overnight stay. That's just the same old car which went from Moscow.

But the new tri-color car. On this riding back.

It looks like an old coupe evrovagonchike. Shelves one above the other and there are only three. Coupe rather narrow, on the opposite wall hanger foldable ladder for that would get on the top shelf. Under the cover of a table and a sink.

And here is the compartment in the new carriages. Taken from the top shelf, underneath two (the average is now folded). Coupe area is the same as the previous one, but it looks much lighter and the new addition, the average shelf formed in the wall, the bottom flips and turns three comfortable seats in the bus. If you eat alone, the middle shelf can be raised higher that would not interfere with sitting on the bottom. and remove the top completely. The only negative that the shelves can be expanded only by means of a conductor which has a special four-sided key: Yes, Nashchi favorite trehgranki will not help in all these castles eurocars tetrahedral




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