French National Railway Museum

Locomotives of the 20th century.
It would seem that quite recently, and we have lived there, but no.
Judging by the pictures - so long ago ...

Model plant in full size.

Before we get to the locomotives, we are passing through a relatively small room, where the windows with railway equipment and artifacts.


Some of the exhibits at the entrance to the hall, you can explore not only the usual angles.

by example - a locomotive from the bottom.

Or sectional.

Steam locomotive 232 U 1. Visible fence that does not allow to come close. Every half hour, these two-meter wheels are set in motion and a few minutes to observe the simulation of their work.
Himself locomotive was used on one of the most important passenger lines - between Paris, ports Strait and Belgium.

North Pacific 1936go year.
Competitor locomotive with the previous picture. Those same years, the same route.

"SenPer", one of the first attempts of the French to improve locomotive Stephenson, 1844.

Stephenson locomotive. Built in England in the 1846m year, he worked on the French slopes of 25 years, then the same amount was used as a stationary propeller from 1910 kept in museums.

Behind him hooked ceremonial carriage, it affirms that officials have traveled to all sorts of celebrations up to the 40s.

The car inside.

And he is. Somehow, looking at simple fabric chairs, recall a few years ago he had seen pictures of IL-96, which flew the President of Russia.

Midi No. 312 «Adour». Built in the 1856m year and more than half a century working on the mountain lines in the foothills of the Alps.

PLM C145 (2'B) «Coupe Vent». Since 1900 drove express trains Paris-Lyon-Nice. In the Rhone valley, where the part of the way, head-winds often makes it impossible to keep the cruising speed of 100km / h, so was made one of the first in the history of attempts to make the locomotive aerodynamic shape.

Some railway lines frequent complaint valued passengers. They were unhappy with the fact that a large part of the road passes through the tunnels, and the smoke from the locomotive pipe stain clothes and luggage. In this regard, as an experiment, the line running from the Orsay train station was electrified, for it had been purchased in the United States produce more electric General Electric.

Electric 2D2 nicknamed Pig Nose. French first mass electric. The design was very reliable - that this particular instance of 45 years passed 8.000.000km (despite the fact that there is not the BAM and Transsib).

Note on the bench, accidentally hit on the photo. I then regretted that he did not remove them specially. The fact that all the chairs, benches, chairs, even the urns, which are in the museum, used to stand in cars and on stations. These artifacts can study the history of no worse than a locomotive.

Type 141R. After the war, the French industry could not fast enough for the country to build the necessary number of steam locomotives. Therefore, for the first time in the history of mass (700) units of the order was placed in America.
Such a large order made it impossible to build the old steam locomotives on stocks for the production of this series were built these conveyors. This allowed a single plant producing up to three pieces per day.
For the first time such a large series has been found not coal (coal in France was a great shortage after the war), and fuel oil heating furnaces.

Motrissa Reno. Produced between 1924m and 1936m year.

Electric locomotive series BB. At 1955m the year set a record speed - 331km / h. However, in the process of setting the record it was badly damaged, so this particular instance is made up of 2 - he has a record, and the mechanical part of the body from the other locomotive.

Electric VV12000. Since the mid-50s until 2000 it was used on the lines of a small extent the northeast of France and Luxembourg. He had two nicknames - for the characteristic shape of its authorities called "ham knife"; for the appearance - "iron."

Bugatti Prezidental. It is such when it became clear that the car Bugatti Royale will not be released even planned a series of 25 cars set made but not used engines. From 1934 to 1958, carried mostly holidaymakers in Deauville and Cherbourg, with a cruising speed of 140km / h.

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