Surge parking from scrap materials

The author writes, ebobat:

Touching looking at these white hillocks and imagining how they turn into snow dust under the pressure of my bumper, I thought that a more ideal space for parking cars in the yard not clogged find.

However, I am brutally fuck.
This pitiful handful were not someone's boobs-fantasy realized in the materials at hand, but the most that neither is true stalagmites.
That is some kind of fag watered daily snow clumps with water until they turned into blocks of ice, that is the artificial barriers, like those on the concrete hemispheres.

Due to the small dick, that is, increased clearance of the jeep, there were no special effects, just get down with a screech like a Cook as if I were lekgovike - all "Ale is CASCO?»

So be careful, circle Trojans!

via ru_auto



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