10 artists, creating optical illusions

Contemporary artists who know how to move the viewer into a different reality.

Kumi Yamashita
The Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita, known worldwide as a master of light and shadow. With the most simple tools - for example, sheets of paper, cut out the letters and numbers - Kumi creates unique works, transforming chaos into an organized procedure for "Shadow - a great way of self-expression for people who believe more in the volatility of the world than in its permanence." So, crumpled sheets of paper are transformed into people's faces, and the "graphic" portraits of people of different races on closer inspection turn out to be made of the names and numbers written on bank cards.

Liu Bolin
Chinese artist Liu Bolin is often called the invisible man, because in his works he skilfully blends with the environment. The background to it are the forests, buildings, coffee shops and even monuments. He began with a series of Chinese landscapes and then, having received international recognition began to travel around the world, implementing their projects in major art capitals - Paris, London and Venice. In March 2012, within the framework of the Moscow Biennale 2012 in the Multimedia Art Museum Liu painted itself on the background of Russian magazines. Among the most interesting Chinese artist collaborations with other creative individuals - shooting for the magazine Harper's Bazaar, where he painted the legendary designers, and working with well-known street artist JR.

Gavin Worth
Worth Gavin was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the United States, and now works at the American International School in Egypt. After a brief acting career, he decided to try his hand as a painter - decorator - because since childhood showed an interest in art. So, Gavin began to combine work on the scenery for various theater and opera productions and implement their own creative projects. Using a metal wire, Gavin creates laconic works, which are the main theme of human relationships: "For me, the people in their most honest, vulnerable moments are the most beautiful. I love imperfect humans: slightly larger noses, and bony hands, and too rounded belly ».

Dan Graham
American conceptual artist Dan Graham over forty years creates installation of glass, mirrors and metal and installs them in various public places and galleries: "I'm interested in intersubjectivity, the study of how people in a particular time perceives itself while watches like looking at him the other. " Back when Dan was fourteen years old, he read a book by Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness" and the first thought of the concept of the ego and the difference Mezhuyev own and others' perceptions of himself. His works are intended to arouse public feeling of disorientation in relation to the world around them.

Heike Weber
With threads, silicone carpet and markers German artist Heike Weber writes the lyrics, weaving carpets and decorate floors and walls in psychedelic style. Only a close examination of her work makes it possible to understand what they are actually made. Many of its 3D-project clouds their surroundings like a spider web, adding to it another dimension.

Neil Dawson
New Zealand artist Neil Dawson is known for his public hanging in the air sculptures made of stainless steel. He lifted into the air carved balls, houses and other objects. Ground the sculpture is closely tied to the place of its location. For example, large-scale work "Horizons", resembling a sheet of paper and made especially for the local art spaces Gibbs Farm, Neil specially placed on top of a hill, to create a sense of fragility and insecurity sculpture, which would sweep away any breeze. Like other artists, creating optical illusions, the New Zealand artist plays with the reality of people's worldview, Originating doubts about the plausibility of the world.

Felice Varini
Swiss artist Felice Varini makes the audience take a fresh look on the walls of houses, office buildings, factories, stairs and even doors. Despite the fact that he is not using any advanced technology, and only simple geometric shapes and existing bulk surface each time it is surprising viewers' I draw a circle on bulk surfaces and alters the nature of the form itself. And I do not need to resort to complicated images - I draw simple shapes and distorts reality and creates a lot of options for their perception ».

Fred Eerdekens
Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens instills new life in an iron wire, carton and other most everyday objects, it is only the direct light on them or create a shadow. Most often it takes the form of complex structures of words - from simple shout «ooohaaah» and the phrase "automatic writing", "sake" to solid, profound phrases: "Life itself is not enough", "Can you suggest something? .." Or " I hate the word ».

Zilvinas Kempinas
Through its work Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas transform existing physical space in an illusory, thereby urging the audience in a new way to look at the world around her. Each installation Zilvinasa requires long preparation and accuracy. Every detail is important - from site selection and materials to light: "I'm attracted to things that are capable of overcoming their banality and materiality and become something else, something more».

Daniel Arsham
American artist Daniel Arsham creates works at the intersection of art and architecture, as he believes that the architecture - it is the most durable form of creative expression that could come up with the man: "In many of my works I manipulate the architecture and gives it new properties, which previously she It was not. " In his hands, chairs, clocks, lamps and even people "absorb" the walls and become part of the architectural ensemble.

Source: www.adme.ru


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