Veteran ovation in the subway

It is not often in the subway, especially in the morning, you feel excitement. Usually everything happens vice versa. People rush to work, to school. Not to sentimentality. To sit down, you need a special luck, if you are certainly not pregnant old woman disabled. That's right, no commas.
To be on the bench cherished, must be directed to these three persons. Individually, they do not work. Yes, and it is difficult to see in the crowd future mother, unless it last month, limping uncle if he is not on crutches.
But this man saw everything.

He entered the car, jingling medals that have left his jacket even a small lumen. Almost white-haired hero stepped from the door, with benches broke down several young and not so passengers. Grandfather did not sit. He stood in the motley crowd like a monument. Suddenly two girls applauded.

They were supported by everyone who was there. Unexpected celebration lasted until the next stop. Touched hero, left on the platform, spent last train eyes wet with tears and improvised honor - put his hand to the very neformennoy hat.

Just one stop - from "Kuznetsk Bridge" to "Pushkin" lasted this scene. No one had to ask his grandfather ordenonosnogo no name or surname. Do not have time to ask and to those for which the country celebrated his feats so many awards. Was he a native Muscovite or come from afar to meet with brother on the eve of the Victory Day, no one knew.

And it is not so important. A chance encounter on the subway just to show that respect for the heroes of long battles otgremevshego not imposed from above action.

Each of us lives this memory. Maybe because the theme of the Great Patriotic not leave the screen, and the "dugout" and "Dark Night" sing the great-grandchildren of the first songs the audience front.

Spontaneous ovation old soldier in the subway was very sincere. We had to see the faces of the passengers remaining in the car. As if all at once kinder and went on, smiling at each other as old friends, not paying attention to minor inconveniences morning crowds.

So thank my grandfather and for the victory, and this - peaceful.

On himself, on his own selfishness, of senseless aggression household, so often prevents us from seeing the real life.



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