The subject this time was the capital of Hungary - Budapest.

The subject this time was the capital of Hungary - Budapest. During the two photographers use full-frame camera Sony A900, Lens Minolta AF 400mm f / 4.5 APO G with tele. Total was made about 20 thousand photos. The result of work is amazing - 590 thousand. Pixels wide and 121 thousand. In height.

The picture is taken from the highest point of Budapest - the old lookout tower Elizabeth. For panorama stitch photographers decided to use the software Autopano Giga. The data were processed with the help of workstation Dell Precision T7500, equipped with 24 GB of RAM, six terabytes of disk space and two quad-core server processors Intel Xeon.

Despite the possibility of a hardware component of the Dell Precision T7500, processing panoramas take several days. The result was a KRO-image of 200 GB. Photographers then convert it to another format and broke into several pieces for further processing.

In printed form it would have been a gigantic panorama - 156 meters wide and 31 meters high. Experts Epson Hungary and the Print Academy decided to help enthusiasts and agreed to print a small copy of the image width of 15 meters.

Anyone can get acquainted with the panorama here.
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via Arseny Gerasimenko, 3DNews



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