Emergency surgery for "human-rhinoceros" (Tin)

41-year-old the Chinese Fairy free Dzhiandzhunu remove a giant tumor on the nose ...

The man lives in his house in north-east China's Jilin Province. Most of the time in the room so its appearance does not frighten the neighbors. "I try not to go out. My family is too poor to compensate moral damages to people from a meeting with me, "- says Fay. [Next]
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Health Fairy Dzhiandzhuna worsened a year ago. He began to suffer from a severe headache. Noticed a small nodule on the nose ... Then the man did not pay much attention to it, I decided that just picked up while working in the cold.

But when instead of a nose at the fairy with a tumor the size of an apple, he knew he had to go to the hospital. When Fay Dzhindzhun came to the hospital, located in the neighboring village of his city, he was diagnosed with cancer of the nose and was told that nothing can help that health insurance farmer is not able to cover the costs of treatment and removal of the tumor.

But at some point of his medical history to doctors came from the military hospital in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province. Because of the uniqueness of the case, found the money for treatment from the Chinese Ministry of Health ... Doctor Zhang Dzhianyun said that a man without immediate treatment would live no more than 6 months.

"He appointed radiation therapy to reduce the swelling. Then to have cosmetic surgery, "- he said in the hospital.

Fay Dzhindzhun very grateful to my state. "I could not work, eat, sleep, I constantly aching head - says a happy man, awaiting surgery in hospital. - But now the doctors to give me back a normal life ... ยป



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