Uneducated the rich

Many wealthy people do not learn in the universities, but it did not stop them earn millions and billions of dollars.

Tiger Woods is one of the most highly paid athletes in the world. He wanted to learn to play golf professionally, so gave up his studies. Today, Tiger Woods' income in a year is more than $ 100 million.

Known throughout the singer Lady Gaga attended once in a women's convent school of the Sacred Heart in Manhattan. She wanted to be a singer, so a year later dropped out of school.

Harrison Ford was in Wisconsin in college, but for a few small roles in movies renounced final exams and began working as a carpenter. Almost 10 years later he was able to get a role in George Lucas' "American Graffiti." That this film has led Ford to glory.

For the sake of appearances in the theater he dropped out and legendary actor Tom Hanks.

Mark Zuckerberg invented the «Facebook», one of the world's most famous social networking sites, while still at Harvard. The popularity of Facebook has become so large that Mark completely abandoned his studies and founded the company in Palo Alto.


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