Counterfeit products

It has long been no secret that we eat. Fear has gone. Everyone knows that the products are forged, and there are few natural.

Most of the honey, soy sauce and spices in stores - fake.
Most of the honey market participants around the world to buy honey of questionable quality in China. The Chinese honey pollen is usually filtered - this is done to disguise its origin. Consequently, the resulting substance honey rightfully can be called.

Soy sauce, too much of a fake, although it would seem, the very soybeans - the raw material is quite affordable. Here the point is that the process of production of the soy sauce is too long and time consuming. Therefore, many enterprising producers decided to refocus on the "precocious" imitation, which is preparing for three days, and kept incomparably longer.

But worst of all, perhaps, is the case with saffron. It is expensive, no wonder it is called the "king of spices". Per kilo of the saffron will have to pay about twenty thousand dollars. That's impressive, considering that most manufacturers claiming to sell spices only "high quality", in fact, in each package saffron ten percent or so. The rest - worthless crushed plants.



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