Tint raid

Writes blogger ternovskiy:

This morning I along with the crew of REN left the scene of the tinting. First we podezhurit with the traffic police at a fixed positions at vzde in Moscow and then went to check what has changed in the parking lot of the State Duma, the Federation Council and other organizations.
20 photo + letter

Stationary post at the entrance to Moscow on Kashira Highway. First, the traffic police explains how the tester light transmission glass. In general, nothing complicated: the two sides attached special sensors and a few seconds the light transmission level is reflected on the screen. Incidentally, its use is possible only at temperatures below -10 degrees.

Getting the car to stop.

Under the new rules the level of light transmittance on the front windows must be at least 70%.

 - And is the film that corresponds to the guests? - I ask the traffic police
 - No, this film does not happen.
 - Have you ever stopped cars with cool rooms and flashing lights?
 - I have 12 years working on Kutuzov. Constantly I stopped.
 - Yes, well, what are you ?! What you done!
 - And your personal machine and employees of your department rastonirovanny?
 - Yes, we have everything rastonirovanny.
 - Well, you're just the most wonderful!


Of the approved 70% had accumulated only 16, 8.

Violation of the proposed fix in place. If you do not remove the shading, issued a fine of 500 rubles. If you tear it into place - no penalties will not be.

The next offender.

8.1 Generally all.

 - Is it possible to measure the level of light transmission from your company car?
 - No, she passed the state inspection is tehtalon, do not touch it.

A few minutes later the journalist received a call from the traffic police and asked not to harass an employee and his transport. "And the story does not go in the wrong direction." Strangely, like in appearance rastonirovannaya.

Well, back to the road. I ask, why stop such machines are simple.
 - Look, look, Kruzak two hundredth rushing! Or the Range Rover out!
 - What do you mean, look how he goes sokrost! Yes, and in the far left lane! He or I will knock or arrange an accident.

Yes, I think I now understand in what number and at what speed it is necessary to travel to Moscow to stop me afraid.

Stopped one more modest Mercier looked like the driver fined and began to gather to go further. In parting, I decided to ask to measure the level of light transmission of its recently rastonirovannoy machine. I only stayed factory tinting - to look at it a little greenish glass. The device shown - 70.1% !!! Well, okay, you have everything in order. Take care of yourself.
Alas, the screen "blikanul" and the numbers are not visible (
But it is seen with some glasses you can ride.

Pre Next stop - the car park of the State Duma. Getting to inspect the car.



Under windows flaunt "certificates of Deputies."


We decided to ask the driver what he thought about tinting his car.
Yes, it is normal toning! All of the law, it is the factory! You do nonsense!

Well, yes, indeed, there is no toning! What are we !? I'm sorry to trouble you!






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