Turbulent water transform reality almost beyond recognition.

Turbulent water transform reality almost beyond recognition.
It is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to come up with a stronger epithet for precise image than the "mirror". Speak about twins or children and their parents that they seem to mirror each other. The information technologies used "mirror servers" that are constantly copied each other, so that the information was stored there at any time is identical. But is it really like the reflection of the image? The most notable difference is that in the mirror left my right, then there is a similarity of reflection and the image is akin to not so much the exact likeness as the similarity of opposites. An interesting puzzle game based on this simple idea could build Lewis Carroll in his famous "Alice in Wonderland." But this book was written long before science, it was discovered that the twin in the mirror is not just tries to use his left hand instead of the right, and the right instead of the left - it consists entirely of antimatter (or rather, as it looks). Its atoms revolve around antiprotons positrons, and the inverse image of the future is his past. Is it because sometimes fascinating reflection and raise questions about the meaning of life?

Kamchatka volcano Klyuchevskoy three groups, and their reflections. Photo (Photo Library BC): Denis Bud'ko

Sometimes the extremely similar to each other as people say otherwise: they are like two peas in a pod. Yes, and water often considered reflection, though inaccurate reflection in the water is no longer limited to the replacement of the past for the future, and electrons on positrons: reflected in the troubled waters of the Moskva River, a high-rise building on Tinkers embankment begins to resemble the famous Barcelona's Sagrada Familia.

As the author of this picture, in the cave on the island of Lanzarote there is no water. However, the upper and lower half of the caves are so similar that it's almost impossible to believe! Photo (Photo Library BC): Alexander Konstantinov

. Familiar landscapes, people, objects become unrecognizable. Reflected in the surface of the water it transforms reality and brings a person into the world of the imaginary. But the glossy surface Christmas decorations and glass storefront, or even just wet asphalt - they expand the space, forcing peer into the familiar world differently, from a different angle ...

Grand Teton National Park in the United States. Photo (Photo Library BC): Nick Gorbova

The Stalinist skyscraper at Tinkers embankment in his distorted reflection so that it became more like the creation of Antonio Gaudi. Photo (Photo Library BC): Oksana Bortz

Fountain near the Taj Mahal. Photo (Photo Library BC): lartdeco

Passion for the mirror surface, typical of many modern architects, opens up new visual possibilities: if the city is transformed into an art gallery, the exhibition which is replaced by the minute. Photo (Photo Library BC): Andrew Chuprov

A giant mirror ball, panoramic cinema "geodes" in the park of La Viyett (La Villette) in Paris. Photo (Photo Library BC): Dmitry N. Makhaev

Fancy a game of mirrors of the Catherine Palace. Photo (Photo Library BC): Alexander Melkozerov




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