Inventions of the past

In 1899, the commissioner of the US Patent Office Dyuell Charles said: "Everything that could be invented has been invented».
I suggest to get acquainted with the sayings of scholars and influential people of the scientific and technological innovations.

French Emperor Napoleon did not trust technology, commenting on the news of the steam boat Fulton as follows: "You are going to light a fire under the deck of the ship, and these make him swim against the currents and winds? Sorry, but I have no time for such nonsense ».

The locomotive
In 1864, Kaiser Wilhelm I came up with a very successful as it then seemed an argument against the locomotives, "No one will pay money to get from Berlin to Potsdam in one hour, because he can do the same thing on a horse for one day - moreover, completely free ».

In 1878 the company Western Union (Finance and Communications) distributed among the staff memorandum, which stated: "The so-called 'telephone' has too many shortcomings and can not be regarded as an effective means of communication. For our company it is of no interest. " At the same time the chief engineer of the British Post Office, Sir William Preece condescendingly remarked that "the United States need a phone, and we - no, because we have a full errand boys».

When in 1909 Henry Ford's lawyer decided to become a co-owner of the car company of his famous client, the president of the Michigan Savings Bank to dissuade him: "Do not do it. Horses will always be, and cars - only new, temporary fad ».


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