On a planet with bastards

Quote LJ blogger tina189: But you know, I have long thought to write about it or not ... but I'll write. I will write because the morning was shocked by the comments of the people and on what can actually exist in our world. I am shocked by the fact that next to me goes a man capable of such an atrocity, and there are people who support it. One question is why? And there is no answer ... just seems neighing ...
Impressionable further please do not pass!
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In general I am not an evil man, but there is a limit ... what was creating a (*** yes, even to call it unrealistic to think of the word) no room for our planet - it is an indisputable fact. Just do not have to be born with such sacrifices "by aerial" legalized abortion have, and I was once again convinced of their need !!! The man who made such an embryo only deserves to be dug out of the womb of his sick mother tablespoon.
Today it hums the entire Internet, tomorrow it will be the last, and after tomorrow, hardly anyone will remember. But this is life, life DONE in the atrocious suffering, we must not forget. This is destiny! And I spit on those who say that this is just an animal ... The word comes from the word of life ... But ... those who can even think of such acts do not think that they can not on what to write correctly, but also generally on the the ability to think.

In one of our shelters received a dog. According to doctors, the dog spent more than a week with a wired muzzle. Think about it ... Next to us there bastard protracted living, defenseless creature wire muzzle and throw it. This morning, the dog was able to feed. By all means, doctors are trying to save the dog's nose, I hope they succeed. With her, seems to be the owner of the dog lived 5 years, would like that the following years he has known the warmth, love and affection. Representatives shelter wound on remuneration in the LS 100 to those who, even anonymously report the name of the owner of the dog, so mocking of him. What is for me, personally, I would have tied him to this wire and cut the throat member. And this is not just empty words. Users are able to fend for themselves, even those bastards oligophrenics and someone is a pity, but the animal can not stand up for themselves, it is in the power of man, and what he does.

I was most striking in the tragedy that transferring all the horrors, just scary to imagine that experienced this defenseless creature, he was affectionate to people. How clear and open, eager to love the heart of this dog, after all, he trusts us, the people.





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