HAARP-climatic weapons and psychotropic

In the north, the United States is 400 kilometers from Anchorage, at a military base Gakhona, is an unusual object. Huge plot planted forest area of ​​the 25-meter antennas. This «HAARP» («High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program» - «The program of active research auroral region" Northern Lights ""). The base is enclosed by barbed wire and guarded by armed patrols the perimeter of the Marine Corps, and the airspace above research stand is closed for all kinds of civil and military aircraft. After the events of September 11, 2001 about «HAARP» installed and anti-air defense systems.

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Total area, taking the project HAARP - about 25 hectares, of which about 14 ha of antennas. A total of about 180 present antenna height of 20 meters. By HAARP is not so easy and accessible - the helicopter is the primary means of delivery of scientists from the US Navy and the US Airforce to the workplace.




This plant was built jointly by the Navy and the US Air Force to explore the possibilities of military use disturbances in the ionosphere and the Earth's magnetosphere. Scientific journals say that with the help of «HAARP» can cause artificial auroras, hammer noise-horizon radar stations for early detection of ballistic missile launches, to communicate with submarines in the ocean and even to detect secret underground complexes opponent. Radio emission «HAARP» can penetrate into the ground and diagnose hidden bunkers and tunnels, burn electronics, disable satellites. In addition, the experts working on the «HAARP», trying to create technology impacts on the atmosphere that will change the weather up to the excitation of natural disasters: the powerful rainstorms, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.




Site of the Federation of American Scientists claims that this is just a scientific work. Allegedly, the station created to study the properties of the ionosphere in order to make better use of the communications system. However, on the same site the fine print says that finance these "scientific" experiments of the US Air Force and US Navy Special Branch. A rather big finance: only Alaskan station left 25 billion dollars.




When reporters asked about the actual value of these "research" the former owner of the patent, he explained that "the antenna construction in Alaska is really - tremendous beam weapon capable of destroying not only all communication networks but also missiles, airplanes, satellites and much more. In addition, it can cause climate disasters around the world, or at least in some regions, and deadly cosmic radiation, from which there is no defense, and in certain places, and it's all through irresponsible military and government officials ».




Apply this creation is possible for example for such purposes as the:

-Generirovanie Ultralow-frequency waves for communications with submarines submerged.
-Slezhenie Of geophysical probes to identify and characterize natural ionospheric processes in order to develop methods for their control or change.
-Getting Ionospheric lenses to focus large amounts of high-frequency energy, which enables "on" ionospheric processes
The acceleration of electrons and implementation of emission in the infrared and other optical ranges that can be used to control the propagation of radio waves.
-Getting Geomagnetic field-oriented control ionization processes of reflection / propagation of radio waves.
-Use Indirect heating processes to influence the propagation of radio waves in order to expand the potential military applications of ionospheric improved technology.




Settings HARP already working, though not at full capacity - the military are afraid of his creation. However, the "experiment" appears to have been carried out. Many scientists believe the result of these unnatural "experience" shocked the most in recent years, the world cataclysms. Here and extraordinary drought in Europe, and numerous tsunami that claimed thousands of lives, the earthquake in the most unexpected places, and much, much more.




"Controlled field" created by high-frequency bases in Alaska and Norway, currently with more than cover the entire territory of the former USSR. This means that operators of these databases by clicking a couple of buttons, can the vast expanses of our country easily disrupt radio communications system, negate satellite navigation, confusing radar air defense early warning and disable the onboard electronics of combat and civilian ships and aircraft.




Do not forget about the so-called side effects. Yuri Perunov - scientist and radio technician, a leading Soviet and Russian specialists in the study of the interaction of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation from Earth environment - in an interview said: "Further work on the program HARP give Americans real and rather an opportunity to get their hands not only geophysical and climate, and psychotronic weapons. Roughly speaking, people will wake up one morning and not even be able to understand that their thoughts, desires, tastes, their choice of food and clothes, the mood and political views should be determined by the type of installation HARP. I have reason to believe that the proximity to the creation of psychotronic weapons was one of the main reasons because of which all the results of research on HARP in 1997 were kept secret. " Until the late eighties Yuri Perunov intensively researched just that area, which currently monopolized HARP. But funding for our work in this area has been stopped.


American meteorologists are not the only ones who accuse the neighbors on the planet in the use of climate weapons. Rumors of questionable experiments with the weather in the United States and the Soviet Union have been the cause of political scandals. After the famous floods of 2002 similar scandals have swept across Europe - then the parliamentarians accused the "US military" to undermine the EU economy.


Russian politicians have not stood aside from this "hot" topic. The first of the officials have been looking climatic weapon State Duma deputies from the LDPR and the Communist Party. In 2002, the Defence Committee submitted for discussion the question of harmful effects on the climate of experiments on the effects of the ionosphere and the Earth's magnetosphere. The object of research was the deputies of the American system «HAARP».


"The catastrophic floods in Germany, France and the Czech Republic, waterspouts off the coast of Italy, where the tornadoes he has never happened - nothing but a detrimental American geophysical weapon tests, - said the deputy of the State Duma of the third convocation Tatyana Astrakhankina. - Weapons have been created and tested in a low power mode. Soon, the installation will be completed, and its capacity will increase by several times ».
MPs vehemently discussed the use of «HAARP», which resulted in 2002 they prepared an appeal to President Vladimir Putin, as well as with the requirements of the United Nations to establish common international commission of inquiry conducted experiments in Alaska. Then scandalous appeal was signed by 90 MPs.




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