Giant spaceships are moving to the Earth!

This news was published on the grounds that the project SETI (project SETI (Eng. SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) - a project of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is not a government in any country, and is a scientific non-profit project. It seems that something is beginning to happen. According to management sources SETI, they involved some of antennas designed for signal processing and the exclusive use of the Navy of the United States. Guide SETI, it seems very concerned that a number of very large objects rapidly approaching the Earth. You yourself can see this!

Go to the map of the cosmos on the website and check the images. Go to the website, enter the coordinates (listed below) and increase the cursor on the - / + to the left ...

the coordinates of the giant UFO coming to Earth:

19 25 12 -89 46 03 - the first large object
-88 35 16 19 43 10 - cylindrical object
26 -89 39 02 43 13 - in the form of a circle

Here are some comments of researchers SETI: «These objects are known for some time, and they are real. NASA does not want to publish them and to avoid the public eye. These alien ships move to the Earth and the Government knows about it! »[Next]

"I was in touch with my former colleagues in SETI. They told me that it is definitely alien ships, they are in contact with them by means of HAARP (HAARP (Eng. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - a program of high-frequency Active Auroral Research) - US research project to study the aurora. The project was launched in the spring of 1997, Hakon, Alaska. The project featured in numerous conspiracy theories, including the claim that HAARP is a geophysical or ionospheric weapon) objects are now in the constellation BS2-47 +.06 - Obama is going to use this as their justify the establishment of dictatorial power and the establishment of a One World Government. When they are as close as Mars, everyone will know what they are - it will be a regular topic in the media and will be used for the injection of public hysteria. »

All we can do now - is wait. If the ship - a fact, it should be visible in a good telescope. Mass hysteria is imminent. Remember how in 1938, sounded on the radio dramatization of the novel of Herbert George Wells "War of the Worlds" and it has initiated a mass panic, resulting in several deaths? Although it was over 70 years ago and times have changed, especially in the late '50s began the space age, and there was "mutual understanding" between humans and the cosmos. More and more people now recognize that the possibility of other intelligent life exists in the universe. So do not be surprised if the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations visited Earth. There is a lot of hysteria, will refer to the creation of a world government, to unite against the "common enemy". Will it be a War of the Worlds, Star Wars, which we so beautifully prepared science fiction writers and television producers, or they fly to us with friendly intentions? .. Live - see ...



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