Barbie Man-double

Barbie Valeria Lukyanova from Odessa, introduced his new friend, the twin.
Alias ​​Man sounds - Andy YasnoSvetoVer he Lightworker.
She is confident that this guy belongs to a new race of people - the androgynous.

Currently Valeria Lukyanova Man spends a lot of time together they meditate and doing esoteric.

It is noteworthy that the joint photographs guy is very similar to his famous girlfriend - his long blond hair, thin nose and blue eyes.

Reference: Androgen - a "perfect" person, endowed with the outward signs of both sexes, combining both sexes, or deprived of any kind was sexual characteristics. In the mythology of androgynous - mythical creatures ancestors pervolyudi connecting a male and female sexual characteristics, is rarer - asexual. Because androgynous tried to attack the gods, puffed up his strength and beauty, the gods divided them in half and scattered around the world. And since people are doomed to seek his own half.


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