The machine of pure gold

This gold machine would be a very good advertisement for jewelers Nanjing. But, alas, I have not taken place advertising. Sports car made of pure gold, parked on a street in Nanjing, the police took away in the tow truck because she was not registered.
Crowds of shocked onlookers gathered near the shopping center in Nanjing, east China, to look at the luxury car G37, parked not far from a jewelry store.

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1. Chinese police controls loading gold car on a tow truck - it was unregistered.

2. Hundreds of people watching the evacuation of the machine.

3. The audience admired the incredible machine - is not proved to be close to the police.

Unfortunately for the owners of the car, soon turned out to be close to the police. It was she who noticed that the gold car lacks some essential parts - the license plate.
The machine, which worked on the creation of five designers for five months, was sent to Nanjing shtrafploschadku.
Now the owners have ten days to pay very substantial fines - or the machine will be destroyed.

4. Test drive the car on the streets of gold Nanjing.

5. Top models from the golden machine, creating jewelers Nanjing.

G37 - the latest luxury model from Infiniti, the brand owned by the company Nissan. Gold machine was made as an advertisement for jewelery firms Nanjing.
The market "for luxury goods" significantly strengthened its position in recent years. It is expected that by 2020, 44% of all such products will be produced in China.

6. Gold car - a symbol of luxury, which are drawn to many Chinese-nouveaux riches



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