Toyota "Sienna", that for an animal?

Correctly say how many people, so many opinions. This is especially true of car owners (motorists, almost everything, but the name of the owner is considerably less).

So, I decided to give the court a report on YaPovsky its Bibikov, because the Euro-Asian territory it is a rare beast, because done for the North American market. And in my opinion, this car is perfect for all occasions of family life - to go on vacation or just out shopping, even what - no better than a beast. And you can carry six soldiers injured on the battlefield in the unequal fight with a green serpent. If only the seventh, he transporter, was more or less adequate condition.

Just want to warn that the creation of these things purely subjective, based on their own experience, impressions and comparisons. And my thought is not wholly true.

In general, I represent Toyota Sienna in the accompanying 42 accompanying documents. This is the model 2007. It can be said that even the previous one.


2.Ibo last year there was a new, renewed with modern dizaynom.Bolee, estestvenno.Edinstvennoe why in the most simple version set B.4 smaller engine cylinder 2, 7 liters, for the mass of almost two tons, I think, a little


3. In the meantime, back to our, as they say, Sienna.


4. Front-side view of obekt.Mozhet be a form is not super modern, but at the height of the aerodynamics.


5.Konkurentov market neskolko.Prezhde likely will not take the so-called European minivans, for they are not the same malovaty.A was here with his Enturazhem Hyundai, Kia to "Sedona" Ford Windstar-Fristary vsyakie.DzhiEm, moreover, that frightens its population Montana and Aplenderami, now promises to release in the fall of weight Orlando.A this here, maybe it does not van.


6. Krayslerovtsy boast that their Dodge "Grand Caravan" most prodavaemyy.Pochemu not, if it is for a dozen pieces of bucks cheaper yapontsev.Kstati, I had a "pleasure" to ride on such a month, when I was 350th Ford broke ass and the insurance gave Dodge to substitute, for the time remonta.Vpechatlilo but negativno.Kakoy something heavy on it, and acceleration, and sit not komfortno.Na amateur


7. Folksvagenovsoe brainchild of anything similar to the previous tovarischa.Prichёm and inside too.


8.U Nissan, apparently, there is a new "Quest."


9.No main competitor, I think, one-Honda 'Odyssey' .Borba always goes between nimi.Prichёm usually dramatically increase sales person who releases a new dizayn.Na this time there have been changes in both almost odnovremenno.Kogda I took my Sienna , and thought of Odysseus, but I did not like the new interer.V done better.
By the way, at the annual competitions Sienna wins more often than Odissey.No most importantly dvizhok.Toyotovsky little more (3, 5 liters) and more powerful (266 horses), and eats the same amount (tested on joint trips).


10.Opyat gone from temy.Pridёtsya vozvraschatsya.Esli look closely, you can see the label placed on the hood of a protective transparent plёnku.Funktsiya is the same as that of the deflector, but the appearance is not spoiled.


11.Zaglyadyvaem under the hood and find that long-economy is not mylos.Vsё winter and winter.


12.Dvizhok-our vsё.Pri their volume and eats no more power than my old «
Corolla ".For example: with a full load, the included air conditioning on the highway at a speed of 120 (not the most economical mode) goes somewhere ten liters per hundred.


13.Zaglyadyvaem inside.


14.Ruchnoy brake pedal turned


15.Poskolku car for Canada, the speedometer and the main family in kilometrah.A little use at the exit to the southern neighbor.
Yes, the maximum speed on the speedometer is not very bolshaya.No this is not a Porsche for the German autobahns, and the traffic police znaet.Zato my job, I think, all the 180 machine vydast.K example, at a speed of 120 engine gives an average of 2,500 peaceful revolutions .mozhno get carried away and not notice how already 140-150.A fines for speed nemalenkie.Plyus, shttrafnye points.


16.Zdes nothing neobychnogo.Pravaya round leather-temperature adjustment rear passengers, although it is not climate control


17.Kucha all relevant lotions


18.Bardachkov two.


19.Kak always full of stuff.


20.Da almost zabyl.Poskolku machine is not very narrow (about ninety meters), the middle one more speaker.


21.Po American view, the comfort of the machine is defined as kollichestvom holders (they would only eat) .a them only on the table between the seats four.


22.Podlokotniki very helpful in the long journeys at high skorostyah.Ruki not hang tension in rule.Poetomu not ustayut.Eto plus one car for longer trips, from the point of view of the driver, of course ... But most importantly, I think, because the machine rather big, concealed skorosti.I sensation on the same 120-and you do not feel like a racer, on the same Yaris or Corolla, and just quietly rulish.Estestvenno, does not have the constant voltage, and by the end of the day you're not squeezed.


23.Eto already territoriya.Vtoroy passenger seat with seat tretim.Takie going further called for some reason, a captain and a driver with a front passenger too (third row easier) The Simple is not visible, on top of the heater zadnitsy.Nafiga kidanul pay thousands If you can do desyatkami.Vstavil plug into the cigarette lighter hole, and greysya.
Above you can see another seat ventilation control back poloviny.Hochesh, from the driver's seat anyway button you want to switch back.
The gap between the seats can be installed special children kreslo.I the driver can see the child in the mirror, and the most interesting in the way child


24.Passazhir left can go-go through its door.


25.Esli not need the space between the seats, the right seat can be moved to the left (one of the fixtures can be seen under the seat).


26.Vot and reached ass


27.Dobralis, say, open the gate.


28.Otkryl already.


29.Sprava flap jacking and other keys on the left a small compartment that fits chetyrёhlitrovaya canister with glass washer, litruha oil and all other hernya.Pri razlozhennm third row seat is sufficient for weekly hikes for food.


30.I not only products


31.Pri need the third row folded polnostyu.Ya usually do so if will far poezdka.Ili outing on kemping.Mozhno stick as junk, including tents, mattresses, wood stoves and other lounges with cans of water and cooler bag.


32.A can be added by chastyam.Tak.


33.Ili so.


34.Esli need to carry a big load, then folded and, if necessary, an average ryad.A those seats at all possible vytaschit.Ya do so when moving to a new dom.Upakoval everything in the box, and a dozen walker netoropyas, and all perevёz.Krome furniture estestvenno.Dlya this already hired a truck and friends podmogli.


35.A if you put a table between the front seats, it is possible to transport something dlinnoe.Desyatifutovye board placed (which is more than three meters) .It when a reluctance on the roof rack of their tie


36.Kstati have third-row passengers is provided a cigarette lighter (my kid to connect your laptop while traveling).


37.I compulsory holders


38.Esli not know where the spare wheel, then no ass and half a liter of not oboytis.Ubiraesh rug from under the feet of the rights of passengers in the middle row, throw a wrench on the nut and vperёd.Koleso (blank), of course, under the bottom.


39.Kogda look at the carpet under your feet, you can not understand how it can be hammered under the pedals, if he has a special attachment.


40.I have an upper, rubber (not to spoil dekoratvny), too.


41.Mogu bring


42.A here at the front passenger's no such privilege.
In general, he remembered, napisal.Mozhet not very smoothly, byvaet.Silno not kick.




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