When a few years ago that I first touched the plastic for modeling, I immediately decided that the first thing I went blind, will tyrannosaur. Do not pig, not a duck. Huge smelling swamp and land, loudly grunting beast with the face, cut the curve toothy smile, does not disdain carrion and robbery. The owner of a prehistoric forest zhratvennoy top of the pyramid. And that this beast was not prigrimmirovannym handsome, and kind bastard royal blood, bred in the rootless womb and brought up "street" .Znatno we sat that day
I removed the plastic on the shelf, and she lay there for some three or four years, but after half an hour after that time, I still noticed her.

Thus, the birth of Tyrannosaurus. It is assumed a bunch of photos

1. Fish will meet in the survey more than once. Sources - raw plastic
for modeling, copper wire braided from some China acrylics.
Fish painted on canvas.

2. It begins with a skeleton. The beast must live for a long time, so the approach to
the problem thoroughly. Mistakes marred further work with
product: skeletal fixation to the base turned out bad. Two points
not enough, because the figure of the processing of nods as idol.

I forgot to put a tick in the selection of images, so it is not a compilation, but still, do not break until

3. Although, anyone interested? And he nods:

4. Send the meat.

5. More meat.

6. Plastic flesh. Knuckle.

7. takes shape.

8. The review breaks the fish. Rozsa her if she asks, "Et che ???»
The dinosaurs of this type - they are like birds. I am seen here recently video as
indulge in gourmet chicken fat cockroaches - a similar pattern of behavior.
He pecked small dinosaur, as had the scoop, and its broiler
Drumsticks trotted into the woods, until taken away. Because often robbed,
It happened. The result should be a hassle-free youth speckled in places
tainted in fights skin.

9. However, the harvesting is over. Let's talk about the shoes.

10. Texturing skins began: Decorated opinion, horny armored
layers of the skin, scars like medals, all of them from older friends ...
Although it is likely not only. Production at that time was dangerous. Not
smoked sausage, another try - the dam! Details vyminayutsya fine
a metal rod.

11. Muzzle impudent. There was a bit of a tyrannosaur brain. He could not
logical way to reach an understanding that it would be possible, for example, take
hand stick, and slam it on the head to some running through the whelps,
to knock down and eat. Not mudurstvuya ado, he simply throws
to them their bread slicer, and ate just as he wanted. Tolerance to
surrounding his ends where the brain and if something moves,
then it tastes like bacon and dill, he thought. And if not, then it
Always check the taste. And on the teeth.

12. That the teeth.

13. They planted voronochki. There was a language. By the way, the foot had
remove, because improper mounting. Small animals and then bite
nose, formation of limbs is temporarily postponed.

14. This strategic opening through which the straightening (inside)
belly. There can then be hidden scribbled. Normal Tyrannosaurus
hiding their eggs there with cubs or digested grub as rhinos
or hippo but there just scribbled fit.
It's not an ass.

15. Slowly emerges. There were horny appendages, skin
acquires texture. From molding plastic is very dirty, the cleanliness
difficult to follow. Somewhere at this point, I thought of to use talc.
It helps the product does not stick to hands.

16. The beast will be a swamp, so the body went warts.

17. Many warts. Touch. The next day all the warts come in

18. And little animals ready for baking. It seems all right, except
feet. It was decided to bring them to mind after the final
mortis (broken language, what could be) cutting-sawing tools. Here
T-rex is still sluggish, so anyone can pick him up, blind from
a "snowball", for example, and made to vanish them from the balcony of his bald head (it
another story, somehow, over a glass of brandy ©) ... But we go

19. The oven is heated to one hundred and thirty degrees, and placed inside
product. Twenty minutes it should be inside. You can then
open the oven and remove the fire, that the product would be cooled off smoothly. Well,
crack, they say, can.
Because for me it's the first time, I expect at this stage everything from
cracks and water stains to the teeth, and the stench of burned throughout the apartment.
There were no fire. I burnt only the tip of the tail, but not before
due time. I do not stink.

20. Fully figure stuck somewhere in an hour, so that it can be
slightly edit. The tip of the tail is stripped, put in order clawed
feet (not even scorched teeth and healthy bite and claws good
scratch - Beast!) like all right - you can start painting.

21. Postponed acrylic paint, dip in oil? Blue? Why not?

22. Get plenty of indigo.

23. The plastic oil dried up a long time. Week. When it is no longer dirty,
the surface of the figures was tipped Shchetinov nasadochkoy to such species.
In view of the fish reads: "Yes, you there is absolutely fucked @ nulis with his
plastic! »

24. Too much blue?

25. Then add brutality. Returning to the acrylic. It is the color of the Urals, Tanks and shishiga also painted them. Green and Cobblestone such. Eternal color of military equipment (This is because the designer of the truck, by the way).

26. Only once it is necessary to rub the cloth in texture, dirty activity, but the effect in the end is good enough. The excess paint removed.

27. Teeth have already purchased this gnilushny normal color. They measure the curves like a normal monster. And what do you got?

28. eyeball.

29. The pupil.

30. And now it is necessary for him to make a stand. Let it be made of plywood. Such here.

31. Clay carpenter, said firmly.

32. This thirty-second image.

33. Then bormashinkoy zuborezhuschim round bur should make uzorchik. I was struck by something strange, square, sucked from the finger, then I successfully burned almost to the burner of coal.

34. and strip on a stone circle.

35. And it will be a fringe.

36. But before gluing, I decided to spread its sulfuric ointment, burn, and then open flame.

37. After these dances blacken non-ferrous metals, and if it is then polished them, you get the effect of blackening (antiques).

38. to fit under the coals.

39. A bottom brown leatherette not to scratch furniture.

40. Now, fasten one another. To do this, we improvise, "skiing" a dinosaur, and a hole drilled in the base and machined grooves for them (we also need firmly). Accordingly Gnehm, to the village. The holes are not through, naturally.

41. pasted.

42. strengthen the "ski" river stones. Let him have walking near the pond.

43. The Stones gathered in the forest. Indeed somewhere near the river. I even washed them, because they had a plaque unfavorable for glue. In general, the process goes.

44. The forest was found the moss that I decided to use it. During the week it is dried up, and probably will not last long. Well, let's see. Kraynyak have to restore, but, on the other hand, he is very fit in the composition immitiruya prehistoric flora.

45. Like cheto ready.

46. ​​Here's a topic turned.

47. Side view.

48. And this, by the way, tiranozavrovskie friends. It's Petrushka with broadswords. They are from Kinder Surprise.

49 ....

50. There are none ...

51. And, here they are ...

52. In general, that's all. Dinosaur take its place somewhere in the interior. Maybe one day come to deal waterfalls ... In a nutshell, the mold is very interesting. It is difficult, of course. The complexity into account: forgotten - hushed detail elbow. Golf vast creativity. I plan to chess, but first it is necessary to consider carefully, until the painting. And work out, of course. And you summer summer, and a nice weekend!

That's all I wanted to say!



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