Giant vegetables

Yes, this "baby" can feed an entire family in a year of famine. Huge pumpkin, zucchini, mushrooms and cucumbers continue to surprise even the most experienced gardeners.

1. The Director of the autumn flower show Martin Fish with a huge cabbage on the 100th anniversary of the exhibition. ((John Giles / PA) 45,983,247

2. Joe Midway with 392-pound pumpkin grown by Ken Rayyanom, won the competition for the biggest pumpkin. (Cameron Richardson / Newspix / Rex / Rex Features) 87,359,050

3. The Legend of the world's growing huge vegetables Bernard Lavery with its harvest in 1995. (Chip Hires / Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images)

4. "Gherkin" length of 106 cm, grown in Uittlsete Claire Pierce. (Albanpix Ltd / Rex Features) 32,197,098

5. Nissan Tamir from Omer, Israel shows them radish grown, each weighing 10 kg. (Azulai / Israel Sun / Rex Features) 51,730,916

6. Antonio Marton with tomato weighing in at 450 grams and a diameter of 38 cm. This giant has grown from a seed that Antonio sent his family from Naples. (Solent News / Rex Features) 56,271,468

7. Michael Kingston 5, 7-pound leeks grown Joe Atherton on competition "Veg-Monster" in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, in 1999. (Tim Ockenden / PA)

8. It is though not a vegetable, but still impressive, huge mushrooms grown in China. (Quirky China News / Rex Features) 55,774,191

9. Again, not a vegetable, and 1, 5-pound white truffle - a real treasure. It went under the hammer for 160 pounds. (MN Chan / Getty Images AsiaPac) 10,908,783

10. Bob Aynstoun 2, 27-pound carrots from his garden in 1973. (JRV Johnson / Hulton Archive / Getty Images)


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