Students, businessmen

Combine studying with working very possible, it is proven guys, I introduce to you now.
They were able not only to learn and get an education, but also to open their own business.

Kevin Dzhelfand, 23 years old: the production of protein shakes

State University of San Diego
He graduated in June 2012.
Company: Shake Smart

In July 2010, out of the gym of the University of San Diego, Kevin suddenly realized how disgusting to drink a protein shake with warm lumps. "It tastes like a dirt" - he recalls.

Then he decided to cook their own beverage by adding protein powder fresh fruit and skim milk. The mixture is not only to preserve the effect of protein shake, but was very tasty. He told this to his partner at the gym Martin Reiman and turned to him for help.

The pair came up with more than 60 different blends and smoothies tested 20 friends. As a result, we stopped 15 flavors, including "chocolate Frosty" made of chocolate protein powder, agave nectar, milk and ice. They collected $ 50,000 from family and friends and opened a kiosk near Shake Smart gym. According to their calculations, it was necessary to sell the 60 drinks a day to pay off.

Shake Smart became the bomb - immediately after opening they sold about 120 shakes a day, and six months later they have worked for 12 people. Last August, they signed an agreement with the university.

This spring Shake Smart point opened in a shopping center in San Diego around the clock sports club. By the end of the year Dzhelfand expects $ 740,000 in revenue.

Abraham Alexander, 23 years: by means of wet floors

Seattle University
Company: DripCatch


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