The touching meeting after a long separation

These gorillas are brothers, call them Kesho (Kesho) and Alf (Alf), living in an English zoo Longleat Safari Park.
About three years ago, 13-year-old Kesho taken for breeding programs of rare species.
Recently, it was brought back, 9-year-old brother was very happy to see him.
Very touching photos.

Then he had patted him on the shoulder and shook his hand, just like people. Now Kesho and Alf will live in a cage. For breeding program Kesho proved unsuitable, after several attempts to reduce it to the female gorilla, found out that he is sterile.

However Having lived almost 3 years in the group of other gorillas, Kesho became the leader, the leader of the pack with a silver back. All gorillas are obliged to obey the leader. Only his younger brother, he made an exception and talks with him as a relative, and not as a dominant male.

According to Mark Taya (Mark Tye), the superintendent of the gorillas, they were not sure that the meeting will take place peacefully and brothers initially kept in a cell Kesho. But Alf tried to communicate with his brother, touching it through the bars and showed no aggression. He immediately recognized him. According to scientists, the gorillas can identify their relatives for wrinkles on the nose.

-We Was very strange to see how mothers with a silver back male behaves undignified, just like a child, -ulybaetsya Mark, telling a meeting of brothers gorillas. After 24 hours, they both behaved as if they never were separated.


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