Male gorillas brings Japanese girls crazy

The male gorilla, who grew up in an Australian zoo, reputed desperate heartthrob, he moved to Japan.

Gorilla named Shabani was the favorite of the visitors Higashiyama zoo in Japan. Because of the girls admired the animal became the star of social networks.

Internet wearer Shabani proclaimed "the most beautiful gorilla in the world».

Monkey lived in a zoo in 2007, but the visitor's started to pay attention to the spectacular appearance and unusual behavior of the male only recently. Young Japanese women created in the likeness of virtual social networks fans animal by publishing his photo and disseminating relevant hashtags.

Shabani have well-developed muscles and smooth dark hair. The women noticed that the male gorilla can take photogenic poses and likes to portray thoughtfulness.

At the same time Shabani already have offspring.

Height of adult male gorilla ranges from 1, 65 to 1, 75 meters, but sometimes there are individuals rise up to 2 meters. Shoulder width gorilla - about one meter. Male Weight - average 135-250 kilograms or more. Build gorillas massive, heavily muscled animals have tremendous power. Can get up and walk on their hind legs, but usually move on all fours.


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