A new look at old things

1) Matthew, 8 years old: "I could not understand how to dial on this unit because of never before seen. Several times tried to call home all the time and got the wrong place, or hear a busy signal. I was baffled that the hole each has its own figure, with no buttons on the phone. It was not clear why there is a metal stopper, so I'll just lead up the last hole to the desired drive me the numbers. I tried several times to send sms-ku, until I realized that this was impossible. Please, somebody already can explain to me why there next to figures painted letters? »

2) Egor, 7 years old: "It's a small radio. He looks like a small book. The most amazing thing - what's inside. There is a small player in which to insert the cassette. But it is difficult to find and open unless you know about it in advance. All this is reminiscent of the music box. With the buttons it is very difficult to understand, but I got: "Insert" - right triangle, the "Stop" - two vertical sticks. But what does the box and the upper triangle in a circle? What strange characters. I see those first time ».

3) Vlad, 8 years old: "I have something never seen on radio wrote the names of cities - Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk, Bucharest, etc. Maybe this is to suggest to him what city are you? You come to Prague with the music center indicating their location and he catches a local radio station. And the other cities that are not on his list (New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, etc.), he can not catch, go there senseless »

4) Timur, 10 years old: "At first I thought, what a strange device - small, metal and very hot. Apparently, a portable heater. It turned out that the mother of a VCR and home cinema. It turns out a book with pictures on the wall, which lights up when reading. We incorrectly loaded film, so the image turned upside down - it's great for babies, they have just three months to see everything upside down. DVD-player, of course, more convenient - there is nothing else to do on their own, and here interesting. It is necessary to charge the film. Unusually ».

5) Ilya, 10 years: "Gramophone better than TV. There is a mechanism by which you can change the playback speed of the plate. You can increase it to quickly skip songs that you do not like. On TV and radio you can not do this - sometimes it happens is your favorite gear, and suddenly you come across an unpleasant passage which would not be desirable to look or listen. By increasing the speed of sound to the mad, you can also make boring music fun. "

Grunya, 9 years old: "When I picked up the phone, the first thought that may not be noticed some cap with buttons - usually have something to press to pop the keyboard. Then he decided that the only option with the phone - to sit and wait for you to call. Maybe call came at the same time across the country? Finally, I remembered the voice dialing on your mobile phone. You say the name, and the device you connect to the desired party. Only there does not the phone, and the person, but still seems - no need to dial »

7) Vlad, 10 years old: "It is a means of communication. These lights are used on the railway to delay the train. I saw myself when I recently went on the stations with a short stop conductor includes red lantern until the passengers out of the car - to alert the engineer that while it is impossible to get under way. But there he was with three light bulbs, and there is only one. No? So, this is such a lamp that used to be fashionable to hang in their homes, to illuminate a room in red. Also no? Then I do not imagine how it can still be used. To create a photo? I do not know, print photos from a flash card to a special printer in the darkroom. What does the red light? »

8) Seva, 8 years: "This is the counter. Special powerful superkalkulyator to calculate very large numbers. It's obvious: the more the calculator, so it is more powerful. Sami try: on the calculator in a conventional phone can not be put down several hundred billion, and now you can! But I do not really understand how they could quietly enjoy in school at the time of control: even if you can gently bring him to class and turn it into a power outlet, it will be heard, do you think - too loud is the sound of hitting the buttons " .

Eugene, 10 years: "The most striking thing in the typewriter - that her whole mechanism turned out. In the computer in front of our eyes is only the screen and keyboard, and the machine can be seen how it works, as the letter brings, leads her through the ribbon. One can see that the print. More unusual is that she always sticks out the top sheet and the computer we do not change the sheets, just open a new page. The only thing I can not understand - how to switch its next line. Where is the key Enter? »

10) Andrew, 10 years old: "This device, ahead of his time. Yes, and he was ahead of our time. There is not the slightest wiring! It's simple: twisted handle - and sit and listen. Almost as in perpetual motion. After a while, you need to start again, but he plays for a long time. It's much better than just pressing buttons. Suitcase, which is the player - the most amazing. How it could to squeeze? And where is the sound, why? Looked at from the side, the front, but were nowhere to be found a speaker. "

Arseny, 7 years old: "I would like to use this device every day - the radio is much more convenient than the usual contemporary radio. He is big - it can draw. There inside, probably, not the wires and gears, which turn on the electricity. Previously, it was easier to make gears, because the electricity was expensive. I have a radio, but it is inconvenient headphones all the time flying out of the ears. There headphones are not needed - and so all can hear. It is more difficult to set up than conventional radio, and I was always very interesting when you need something customized. The more complex, the more interesting ».

12) Timothy, 8 years: "This TV set up easier than today. At home on the TV set has only one button, the others - on the remote. Once I lost it and could not change channels. I had to call my mother to find out where the console. There is no panel at all (previously they could not come up), but a system with six buttons. To set up more channels, just to twist the wheel compartment configuration programs. Old TV set-top box connected to this is much easier than a new one. The PlayStation lot of wires, which account for a long time to unwind, and then inserted into the various holes. There is only one option. " ALL



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