The river of milk

In the city of Wenzhou in the south-east of China Milk River flows.
Stunner, and attracts a dip and sip a little.
Did this happen?

In fact, this is not the case - it is not milk, and latex.
Natural latex polluted about two kilometers stretch of river Quxi in Wenzhou city in the southeast of China, turning it into a "milk river". The layer of white oily substance floating on the surface of a river. The head of a local environmental organization «Office Protection» accused of pollution trading company that loads and unloads latex by the river.

The local press described the situation even more surprising: & quot; ... the polluter has been identified as a natural emulsion ... milky white ... does not contain biochemical toxins. & Quot; Let the power popyut it if they think it clean. Earlier this year, pollution in the southern region of China caused panic, which provoked strong demand for bottled water. At the time, the river has got a large amount of cadmium.


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