Creative photo processing

Michelle Oswald (Michael Oswald) since childhood knew that his future will be connected with the art. Not counting himself capable of becoming a professional artist, Michelle went to study at a graphic designer. "The classes are mainly focused on commercial logos, advertising, and all this was more like a job than a vocation. Sitting in the gallery, I often dabbled in Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, drawing all sorts of pictures that I seemed steep, but, according to teachers, they were quite unattractive commercially ».
Today MichaelO work not only commercially successful, but stylistically unique. Michelle is working on a photo. Comes up with the concept of the image, look for a suitable model makes about 400 frames per shot, 3-4 selects the best, and then sits down at the desktop, chew Cheetos and convert photos recognition. Instrumentation artist make Canon 5D with 50mm lens, 1.4, quad PC with 6 GB of RAM, Photoshop.


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