Things will never be the west

Things will never be the west or the mind can not understand Russia.

Expand the course topic "Things will never be in Russia».

There are things and phenomena that can not understand our Western neighbors on the planet. For some of us may be ashamed, but for some things we just can not help but be proud of, but among the other there is always something over which you can just shake

Pictures are welcome, and let's start talking about small pensions closer to the 10th page of critique and educational program are welcome!
Subject is not created for the sake of belittling our nation and praise the west (or vice versa), but purely For Your Interest.

Exhibit №1: Toilet of the "Point» ®
There are many types of products, but the most severe, as we know - is topped with toilet tiles. The world community is fighting for something, to hygiene, to create specific tissues, toilet seat, and spends millions of dollars, but we have at the time came up with a system of non-contact discharge, the essence of which is to keep zheppu in limbo and exclude direct interaction zheppy surfaces and the device ... it to us far

Exhibit №2: Dispenser
Personal water for many gardeners. Google analogue, but he was never found.

Just touch on resonant themes (public needs) and rolls into the studio exhibit number three!
Exhibit №3: (drum roll) Bad roads
Of course, bad roads can be found around the globe, but not like in the central streets of our cities is our attraction and we should be proud of it ... and you can still sell as a national souvenir dolls instead)

Exhibit №4: bread blue buckets
At the average congressman in CIG no Mercedes or Maybach mogalkoy with them ... to us far

Exhibit №5: marshrutchiki
Public transportation is everywhere, but such marshrutchiki marshrutchiki. Bazaar on the phone, take the money, give change, yelling at all ... and, oh yeah, keep the minibus - a skill you will not see in France and pendastane them to us far ...

Exhibit №6: Mr. policeman
We are extremely tolerant to the selection of people who need us to protect them at all to us far

Exhibit №6: Machine Mr. policeman
Monkey on wheels for decades romp through the expanses of our country, the squeal of brakes at each intersection, smoggy open windows (a pancake, and even I have the check ...). Sparkling Smile drivers citizen who was pushed back into the cage (grade "Lux") - we used to see it ...



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