Montage as a propaganda tool

Montage is used for a long time and in a variety of purposes.
I want to show you a selection of photos of the Second World undergone photomontage for propaganda purposes.
I warn you, not for impressionable.

1. Forgery of original

2. Classic Soviet photo editing. I do not think about this photo only the blind. Typical signature to this photo: "Member aynzatgruppy aims at the focus of a mother with a child. Women are often told to push the children to imagine that one shot reached double effect. " (This Century).

1. Form a soldier does not correspond to any applicable in the Wehrmacht and the SS.

2. Objects on the right side of the picture projected onto the ground adequate shade (the sun at the zenith, so it is visible from the oblique shadows of objects - shovels). On the left side of any soldier or woman of shadows on the ground do not cast at all. Although the shadow of the left foot soldier can be hidden terrain, the shadow of the right foot to the obligation to present a truthful picture. By Shadowed faces of the soldiers and the shadows on his right shoulder can be seen that the sun shines on the right-rear side of the photo. The absence of shadows on the face of the woman and shadow on the clothes of the child say that the sun shines on their front-right side with respect to the photo. The discrepancy in the sunlight of a woman with a child and a soldier - 90%!

3. right foot from the heel to the middle of the frames is too black to be a shadow, "heel". The front part of the foot too short, as if cut off the fingers ... If you "heel" - an element of the shoe, then without the "sock" to keep these shoes can not, especially in such an exciting moment when shooting. "Heel" - obviously defective installation or because of mounting cut toe shoes.

4. The rifle looks considerably to the right of a woman's head, which allegedly aims alleged German soldier. Obviously, the soldiers, and a woman with a child mounted in the original photo.



4. The original photo is very rare due to low propaganda value.


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