Feast of Ivan Kupala 2011

June 24th, we went to the other side of the Volga, together with the Military Historical Club "Gardarika" in order to participate in the festival Ivan Kupala. The event was organized VIC "Camelot" from Nikolayev.

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In order to get to the place instead of OMIK, we had had to sit on the cargo ferry and ride along with cars.

View of the place of celebration

On the ferry

And in the distance, my hometown - Kamyshin

Move the heat to the destination

Start preparing, natural arrangement of their camp in the first place

Local girls already making wreaths of herbs

If there was a contest for the best hat, this guy would have won

In our camp, too, is in the process of weaving

Local photographer for night shooting invented here is such a monopad

Fire and the wheel for the event are ready

Without dinner and celebration is not a holiday

The most delicious food cooked on the fire turns

Workpiece torches


Try dinner

The girl from our camp

In anticipation of the holiday

Our friendly staff at the parade

Those who do not have time to change clothes, dress up


Leading holiday


Women begin to untie the rope and turn the wheel

Ribbons enough for all

Dance around the wheel

Then the guys lit the torch ...

And kindle a fire

Fire is one of the main characters on holiday


Each time dance gathered speed

Then the local girls sang and danced



Games were fighting pillows

Long time no one on the log kept

Another amused tug of war

Played all. except for me, of course)

Jumped over the fire

And then piled wheel

Set fire

And rolled

And then until the morning singing songs

And then a new day

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Author of all the photos I have, besides their 4 I was kindly allowed to use Eugene Gudimenko. I have all, thank you for your attention.



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