How I spent Saturday

Greetings to all the readers of the portal. What a time that does not, I spread on your court and see. And probably because nothing interesting and it was not. And the current post to someone may seem tomfoolery, but the taste and color as they say, all the markers are different.
In general, the process of reincarnation, the printer is not filmed, but only the finished result. Although the pics (if you are interested and want to repeat) can all understand. Nothing complicated. Foty slightly diluted the text. Fasting is not broken, I finish - I say!

So. Baseline:
absolutely free Saturday
old (but perfectly working) printer
+ a bit of workplace tools (pliers, sandpaper, knife)
two friends
direct hands
slightly positive and a great desire to do something unnecessary from what something is not right but it is very interesting and unusual.
Next phot quality falls because of a lack of good light and shooting on the phone

The process of turning the printer electromechanical podachik toilet paper crept into the idea to add the automatic air freshener. In the role of air freshener - deodorant AXE (not advertising)

A roll of paper is attached to the tray podachika paper. Clippers made in the desired width of the slit and sanding sandpaper.



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