Panels made of cat ...

How are these assholes worn out wool. At each site the same thing. What sweetly in this beast is? Useless piece of wool and meat. Some losses from them. © VantageV8

All owners of hairless cats are equally happy.
All owners of fluffy lumps are unhappy in different ways ...
depending on shaggy pet.

I suffered quietly and humbly, daily cleaning klokastuyu hair in the corners until it was light in my head (with the filing VantageV8) check these pets to the usefulness and prove what tangible benefits can bring cats to society, to my face!
So, we suffocate endless years of Toad for taking the cats disappear valuable wool, I decided - it is necessary to do something. Barely 15 years old, my mind lit up quick - you can play the same!
Looked master classes on felting, and there! Ltd! Nobody do not roll out of the cat's fur, need special, merino! Yah! What is my purr meat eaters worse? Now look!

Yes! I - a photographer from God and my camera is the best!
And yet simultaneously it found out that virtuosity Photoshop also is one of my virtues.

12 highly artistic paintings.

So, you will need to experiment:
1 - 2-4 cat medium or high loft. I have in stock. And one can, but the process will be a bit stretched in time.
2 - Slicker
3 - bubble wrap, soapy water.
4 - great to stay with cats stigma dependents and parasites.
5 - golden hands.
Well, let's start.
Take the tool to invite the cat. So. Come in all!

We extract raw materials, and the cat ofigevaet fallen from him unearthly happiness.

In! So much hair at one time gives my merino sailor.

The others - who wanted who did not want to, but the party said - it is necessary, and scratching them as Sidorov Angora goats.
Kuzyu see? Itself barely found!

Dasha nobody hurts, it's her favorite position when she was in her arms. For a complete happiness heels need to tickle!

I will not tell how to roll, this fully online, and I'm a first time experiment spend! I can fight as I can.


Of course, it was assumed that it would imprint foot, but it was something that happened. The first pancake, as they say ...

On the other hand, it was a very feature-rich thing; you want - in the frame insert, you want - dust wipes want - the shoes are polished, you want - a rug for the front door to make! (But I think I'll hang on the wall as a reminder of the exceptional utility of cats. That's just a piece of glass'll get, but with the edges'll think of something)

And most importantly, if you wish, you can, then do so.

And even that! I'm not talking about boots!

The experiment was completed. Proved: the cat - a very useful pet!
And I live hamster.
Maybe he's too useful?



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