Exit to orbit the Earth directly from the yard

Resourceful guys were able to get pictures from Earth's orbit with the help of a hot air balloon and ingenuity!

19-year-old student from the UK Kadvort Adam and his friend took a picture of the Earth with the help of b / the camera bought on eBay, and a home-made device with a GPS-transmitter, a small video camera, microprocessor and several solar panels. In this invention it took him 40 hours. Adam put the camera in a box isolated on a gel and sent the ball into the sky to a height of 20 miles (about 33,000 meters). After pictures were taken, GPS Navigator helped define the landing cameras. "Many people think that such actions are necessary for millions of pounds, but I proved that you can make an amazing photo of the Earth with a budget of just 200 pounds," - said the publication Kadvort Telegraph.

That's what they did:


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