Abandoned billiards in Witley Park

Unusual underwater structure served as a billiard room - let's see how it looks from the inside now, after a few decades.

Whitaker Wright was a very rich man in the early 20th century. He made his fortune in the mining industry, and so when it came to creating the billiard room in his new name, he decided to build it in the ground. Moreover, the eccentric millionaire decided to build it not just underground, and even under the water of the lake, which was in his name. Now it is a miracle of architecture is isolated from the general public in Surrey in England. On the lake there are statues and furniture, which, in combination, is the entrance to the dungeon Wright. Looking at the lake, no one would guess that a statue of Neptune is a maze of tunnels, some of which lead to the billiard room.

Amazing dome halls are made of glass, but at the same pressure, even a century that the tunnels are unattended, could not break the glass. In dry tunnels relatively comfortable, and designed the "window", transmits light through the glass standing five feet from the surface of the water.

Sam Wright finished the sad life, he was convicted of fraud in 1905 and infamously committed suicide in the courtroom by ingesting cyanide. Property which he possessed, including underwater tunnels were closed and still on them, little is known.


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