The most expensive coffee in the world

Lovers of coffee, and just curious people will be interested to learn about the production of the most expensive coffee in the world.
Happy viewing and fragrant kofepitiya you.

Author: Today we have got into the interior of the island of Java, in order to know the country of coffee tradition. And it's not that the coffee produced here is the most expensive in the world and that it is not only growing, but is mined :) Here's the coffee seedlings, carefully covered with a mesh of pests and Javan hot sun.

And this is - a lonely coffee tree (the size of a bush). White flowers soon turn into berries with red cloth - so-called coffee cherries - a treat for the Asian Palm Civet, a small animal civet family. Asian Palm Civet in the local dialect is also called luwak - and this name will stick.

In nature luwak eats only the best berries (that he, the fool or something bad to eat?), Digesting the thin skins and pulp, discarding the solid coffee bean with feces. It is a natural method of reproduction natural bone. And it would be simple and not interesting, people do not start to collect waste products luwak, wiping out their coffee beans and brewing obzharivaya them later with great fanfare ...

Indonesian People's Game "Catch luwak." It is believed that "special taste» (tm) resulting beverage attach enzymes gastric Asian Palm Civet, which include civet ... I now wonder something else: who first guessed brewing animal excrement? Looks like a great educator was! .. :)


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