The oldest cephalopods

Nautilus - it is the oldest cephalopods, which began life back in the Cretaceous period.
Nautilus also called pearl boats, their bodies hidden in the kitchen sink.
Sink helically twisted and compressed laterally within the chamber is divided into the number of which increases with age.
Nautilus is placed in the largest, the last chamber. Non-residential "space" filled with gas or water, and shellfish are the hydrostatic unit.

In the tropical seas of our planet there are representatives of a small and ancient group of cephalopods. It's like a small octopus, which in Russian is called & quot; pearl boats "Sinks engraved placed in openwork frame, transforming them into unusual decorations, often - cups. Works of this kind were very popular Nuremberg masters of the 17th and the beginning of 18vv.v decor cups-nautilus commonly used images of mythological characters or less connected with the sea.

Such shells treated with an acid solution and converted to cups jewelers Nautilusy.Kubki -nautilusy whenever have been made thanks to the extraordinary charm of wonderful shells and always look mysterious and involving.


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