How to pick cotton in Uzbekistan

Now in Uzbekistan in the midst of harvesting cotton. Because no matter what city you go left, you will drive a few kilometers and you will see a field of dry bushes, covered with wool.

Last Saturday, a blogger protchenkov went from Tashkent to Samarkand direction with the aim to shoot the cleaning process.
35 photos

2. Some general information for those who like me to travel to Uzbekistan, never saw growing cotton. Cotton growing in the fields on the small shrub around the waist.

3. To put it simply, it's just pieces of wool on the branches.


5. Before the harvest the fields no longer supply water. Therefore, cotton dries up. The very "wool" ripen in the so-called box. In this photo rassohlas box and opened (possibly in reverse order).


7. But I scratched the box personally. It was green and completely closed.

8. The day was not without adventure. I left Tashkent and approximately 10 km from the city stopped near a large cotton field, which employs a lot of people. I went to the field and only had a couple of questions to ask the guys who worked there, and make a few shots as the man approached me and said that making the cotton harvest is strictly prohibited. I ask who I am and what I do here. I told it like it is - say a tourist, taking pictures.
A moment later another man came and called the owner of the field, said that it is private property, can not take pictures and he calls the police. I called on a cell, came two more - one civil, the other in the form. The one in the form shown identity and called precinct. They began to ask me if I had permission, what I photograph and so on. Even to say that now I will be transferred to the prosecutor
But I know that very crime did nothing and I have nothing to fear. They stood and talked, they had a long conversation with each other in Uzbek, the local long someone was calling on his cell. As a result, they poprosli remove the four frames that I did. They said that without official permission can not allow me to take pictures. What is necessary to receive approval in the hokimiyat of Tashkent region (such as the mayor's office or management in Russian) at any there Rustam-aka. And the man who advised me, asked me not to talk to hakimiate that it was he sent me. Why not remove the cotton harvest he did not know.
All this lasted no more than half an hour, but ended up being one of them gave me a lift to the taxi stand, so I can go to Tashkent. But I did not go to Tashkent, and the next field, where no one has forbidden to shoot.

9. The problem is that in Uzbekistan, some cotton fields harvested students. Approximately 2 weeks, every day, they do not go to school on the field. It would seem that this such - well, kids will work hands pray thee outdoors - will be healthier. In the end, we, Russian school, also on the summer practice at the school sent weeding carrots and I remember it is only a fun time with good feelings, and curricula and may be reallocated. But all sorts of human rights activists, it is used as an opportunity to accuse Uzbekistan of child labor use are examined. Therefore, the organizers of cleaning do not like people with cameras.
Whatever it was, the next field photographed me no one has forbidden.

10. The field size - 2.5 hectares. Those who cleans cotton, man, I counted 30 of them no more than three men Oklo 8 children, and the rest - women.

11. Women are wrapped face with a handkerchief. First, protected from the sun, and secondly, to breathe less dust with a dry ground.


13. The harvested cotton is folded in such a knot that is tied to his belt.


15. When it is sufficiently full, it is convenient to sit.

16. This woman the previous day collected 118 kilograms of cotton. For 1 kilogram collectors pay 130 soums. That is the last day of a woman earned about 15 thous. Soums, which is about $ 6 at current exchange rate.

17. I robbed a bush and scored this much. Leaves and dry and prickly box, so you need to wear gloves.

18. In this field plan to collect 120 tons of cotton. So far collected only 20.

19. As I said, the children help their parents and do not look tortured and oppressed.

20. Mother and daughter.

21. With a daughter and son.

22. Zpisyvayut address where to send photos. I often do - print photos, and then sending them by mail. Sometimes it's the only way to persuade the person to be photographed.

23. The funny thing - as children are changing in the face when they take pictures. This picture I made a sudden the boy.

24. And the next he had already prepared - stood at attention and received serious facial expression. By the way, so do not just children but also many adults.




28. Assembled Cotton bear to the trailer.


30. So many gathered for today.

31. Weigh.


33 and record the results in a notebook.





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