6 Zen Buddhist stories that will look at the world in a new way

Zen - a delicate matter! Great masters for centuries have composed an amazing story or themselves become the protagonists of mysterious legends. Each of them is like a cherry fruit that we eat juicy sweet flesh, but throw a bone, but precisely because it may one day grow a beautiful tree

Website is divided into beautiful and unusual Zen stories. the meaning of which it is possible to argue again and again.

impossible to steal the moon Zen master lived a very simple life in a small hut at the foot of the mountain. One evening a thief climbed into the cabin and discovered that there is nothing to steal. When he returned, he found the master at the thief. "You've come a long way to visit me, - he said the tramp - and you should not return empty-handed. Please take a gift in my clothes. " The thief was shocked. He took the clothes and quietly left. Master sat naked, admiring the moon. "The poor guy - he said thoughtfully. - I would love to give him this beautiful moon ... »

If you love, then love openly Twenty monks and one nun named Esyun engaged in meditation of a teacher of Zen. Esyun was very pretty, though her head was closely cropped, and modest clothing. Several monks secretly fell in love with her. One of them wrote her a love letter, aggressively demanding to see alone. Esyun did not answer. The next day, the teacher conducts lessons with a group. When it was finished, Esyun stood. Referring to those who wrote to her, she said: "If you really love me - come and give me a hug»

Dirty Monks Road Tanzan Ekiden and walked once. the dirt road. Pouring rain. Passing the intersection, they met a beautiful girl in a silk kimono and a scarf that she could not go through a pothole. "Let's go", - said Tanzan it immediately. He picked her up and dragged through the mud. Ekiden said nothing and remained silent until then, until they came to the temple. More he could not hold back and said: "We, the monks should stay away from women, especially young and beautiful. They are dangerous. Why did you do it? "" I left the girl there - Tanzan said. - And you're still dragging it »

moment more important treasures, Mr. Zen teacher asked to say how they should spend the time?. He felt that too many hours spent in his office. Teacher wrote eight Chinese characters and gave them to the man:

This day will not be repeated twice.
A moment more treasures.
This day will not come.
Every minute - a priceless treasure

Is it.? One teacher of Zen was known among neighbors man who lives besgreshnoy life. Next to him, he lived a beautiful girl, whose parents owned a grocery store. Once they discovered that their baby daughter to appear. They were furious. She declined to name the child's father, but after much persuasion called teacher. In anger the parents came to him. "Is it?" -. That is all that he said

After the child was born, he was brought to the teacher. By this time he had lost all respect for others, that does not bother him. Teacher has surrounded the child's care and warmth, taking milk from the neighbors for him and all that he needed. A year later, the daughter still broke down and told her parents the truth: the child's father was a young man who worked at the fish market. The father and the girl's mother immediately went to the teacher, asked his forgiveness, to apologize to him and asked to return the child. Anyone willing to forgive them. Giving a child, he only said, "Is that so?»

One hand clapping, "You can hear the sound of two hands when they collide with each other - Mokuray said. - Now show me the sound of one hand. " Toyo bowed and went to his room to think. From the window, he heard the music of the geishas. "Oh, I got it!" - He exclaimed. The next evening, when the teacher asked him to show the sound of one hand, Toyo began to play the music of the geishas. "No, no, - Mokuray said - it does not work. This is not the sound of one hand. You do not understand it. " Thinking that the music will stop, Toyo went to a quiet place. He relapsed into meditation. "What can be the sound of one hand clapping?" He heard the water dripping. "I understand," - thought Toyo. Faced with the teacher the next time Toyo showed water dripping. "What is it? - Asked Mokuray. - This is the sound of dripping water, but not cotton palm. Try again. »

Haprasno Toyo meditated to hear the sound of one hand. He heard the sound of the wind, but the sound was rejected. He heard the cry of an owl, but the sound did not fit. More than ten times Toyo came to Mokurayu with different sounds - everything was wrong. For almost a year he pondered what could well be a cotton one palm. At last little Toyo reached genuine meditation and went outside sounds. "I could no longer collect them, - he explained later - so I reached the soundless sound." Toyo enlightened one hand clapping.

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