How to open the cave.

Good afternoon YaPovtsy! Today I will tell you about how we have discovered a new cave. It happened a few years ago, and photographs assembled from several expeditions. In this collection, I will try to present you the essence.
Will be 25 photos and comments. The end of the reported separately.

Location: Ukraine, Ternopil region.
Everything begins with the "funnel". Under the ground, there are a vast underground space. When the ceiling of the underground hall falls under the weight of the soil, then at this point in the ground and forms a funnel. Our hopper located directly on the field, she we break our camp camp.

We know that under our cave, our goal - to explore this funnel, and if you're lucky, find the entrance to the underworld. We are seriously and permanently, so equip camp canteen to have a "hot food, and under the canopy» =)

The bottom of the funnel. Estimated portal is localized, and now begins is not an easy work to his digging. Almost never happens, so you come and Cave said, "Well, come on, since not kidding." We have to prove that not kidding. We start work on digging out the entrance.
In the picture the author of this post is almost invisible, documents occurring in the film. =)

Cavers (abbreviated - "speliki") and climbers - twins. Only the first mountaineers climb to the top and climb down speliki.
What we unearth - horizontal cave, ie height difference (or nizot, if you =) it is extremely small. But the caves of the Crimea, Abkhazia, and a number of other regions penetrate through up to 2 kilometers.
Most members of the expedition brings over 25 years of experience of climbing and "indulgence".
It can be seen.

Work continues.
Actually it was my first expedition, when we opened the cave. Prior to that, I've been in the caves except on trips to the Crimea. So at first I just could not understand that there kayfovo all day to persist with a shovel, passing it as trying to nail down the maximum possible number of mosquitoes circling above you in the funnel.

Work work, but miss a bottle of fresh cold beer is not pasteurized did not refuse anybody.

This is how - buckets, hanging through the unit, the ground is pulled to the surface. A couple of times was such that the full buckets strove to fly back with the speed of free fall. We provide nimble buckets, and in time to dodge them. No helmet is not affected.

When we dug this 7 meter well, we did not know whether Let us enter the cave, or go away with nothing. At the end of 3 days of excavation, when nearly all the members of the expedition, exhausted excavation had already gathered to eat dinner, the cup flew Felix Arthur, their eyes burning.
"We came, we entered" !!! Gesticulate they turned out better than yelling, probably with emotion. We all curled sly faces, they say, today we have to dig back into the funnel has not drag, even under the pretext of so weighty. For our part, we showed them bowls with dinner and misted with cold bottle of vodka. By their lack of response to such powerful stimuli, we realized that something really happened down there, but the mind is not for a large filed.

Guys do not ado, we really went into the cave. From the entrance to dig out (if you can call the entrance hole, the diameter of a manhole) was thrust tushivshaya flame from the lighter. Thrust is formed from the temperature difference and pressure. In the cave all year + 9-12 degrees.
Cave breathing. This could mean only one thing: we went into quite a large underground system.

The next morning, while all woke up, had breakfast, and improve my health, I decided to check on your "weak". But not weak if I myself siganut the cave, because I have never been in such wild places ... dumb, but because in this and all the buzz, not for nothing that I as a black man nearly 4 days waving a shovel and hauled buckets of earth.
Quickly kambez dressed, wearing a hard hat and throwing unobtrusive "Well, I went" toward fellow had breakfast, I went downstairs. at the entrance to the cave, I saw a roll in the lighter ground. Mechanically shoving it in my pocket, I reached.

No one, even the most feature-rich camera, no camera, even the most expensive from ever constructed, simply is not technically in a position to convey the ink that open your eyes. Just broke my pattern of caves that: "It is a tunnel, like the subway, and now you go on it, lo and behold, two more tunnel, and that's what you think, on what to go."
It turned out that this is an anthill, with dozens of moves that put you more at dozens of moves, and another dozens of places ... the ceilings are very low. There are places where to climb, you need to exhale as much air out of his chest and squeeze between the stones. You want to breathe, but the rocks just do not give you to do this to the full. And here you realize how small and insignificant in comparison with the nature that created all this. The heart starts beating fast, you feel his punches all over, it seems that the stones also feel it. Calm, exhale again and climb on.
Here are pictures of the cave walls. They resemble patterns den creatures from the movie "Alien."

Returning to my story.
From what he saw, I just blew off the tower. I do not know what made me go deeper, completely forgetting about the precautions - human curiosity? ego? stupidity? I do not know. Now it seems to me that it was stupid, that was reinforced by curiosity and ego, as well as lack of fear because then I did not know what might happen in such places. Probably, the cave is also stunned by this unprecedented thousands of centuries that have passed since its creation in pride, and she decided to teach me. At first I did not even realize what was happening, but after 2 seconds caught - I sat down light. "We must turn the" flashed through my head, and at this point my helmet lights went out completely. I was left in darkness. One.
In the photo one more piece of the wall.

My first thought was ... first thought was not, instead it was a stray ajuy. The second idea sounded literally: "B-L-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-be." Then I began to recall all without exception, especially on my mother's side, Arthur's family, who yesterday put the batteries in the flashlight helmet. Suddenly I remembered the lighter, which brought along, I took it out of his breast pocket, whet ... dirt from gloves immediately began to beat in the wheel, and "is not lit Christmas Tree." Further 5-10 minutes I spent enthusiastically scrubbing and sweeping out the dirt from the lighter.

When I finally cleared the mud from the lighter, I began to move in the opposite direction. Realizing that if long to keep the jig lighted, it will melt, and I will be very sad, I did step 2, put out, then lit again step 2 ... How long I got - I do not know, not to watch when I was. I returned to the area of ​​the station (the area at the entrance to the cave) and realized that I can not find the stone, which crawled out from under, for the stone was the corridor leading to the exit. Poskripev brains, I decided to stay put and wait for friends. I knew that soon they will go into the cave, but the idea that they may have not noticed haunted.

In the cave, very quiet, I would say, solid silence. Therefore, the rustle and the more rays of light became visible immediately. I went to this all to the meeting. That's who I did not think to see is Arthur. My first thought was to bang his fuck with the bases for such a light, but more thought, I have decided to postpone the murder before they find myself in the world of God, not before.

We got out. At the top I realized that the kill will likely me, at least morally. The first thing that made men - is poured to the brim with a full glass of vodka, and a chorus saying "bottoms up" caused me to drain it. Then he told the cautionary tale of how in 1918 one frame a vision of the Virgin Mary, and he followed her cave floor. 2 weeks to look for it in vain. Found a bit later, in 1978. 60 years. His skull (the skull I saw later) is in one of sperleoklubov, for the edification of the neophytes.

Now that we have explored the cave, we made a detailed topographic shooting. They called her "Mushkarova hole" in honor Mushkarov Hill - the highest point on the ground.
This is not the hill. Beside. Very nice place there, see for yourself.

That, basically, my whole story to you, dear YaPovtsy, I wanted to tell. The appendage is now going to fold a few photons of the cave.
Thank you, I have everything to give the go-ahead =)

It Andryukha.




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