New York City through the eyes of residents of Moscow

From the author: I arrive at JFK. The first thing that killed me - a seagull on the runway! Near the ocean and they are close to aircraft tusyat. HZ of course, can and there is nothing wrong, but at Domodedovo any living creatures ever seen.
I sit down in the subway car. I twist your head and oh ** Vayu. I have one white !!! Latinos, afrkoamerikantsy Chinese !!! Immediately there was a culture shock. The car is crap, it eat some sandwiches, and they sit with his feet on the empty seats. It looks like a ...

PE before departure.
On the advice foolishly put all the money on salary card as According to those who were there, the cache is not held in high esteem and always ask the current map. In the evening before the flight I decided to withdraw a little money on Aeroexpress and dёtik. Suyu map and ... zahavyvaet ATM card and all action and no map does not give. I called the bank. I explain that in the morning and flying all the money on it.
Answer: collection in 2 weeks! To say that I oh ** l - it's nothing to say! Somehow the whole evening merges all the money on the card zp colleagues via the bank-customer since Transfer from card to card up to 3 days, and if the card of one bank, some less. Miraculously, the ATM gives me all that night and rented the entire amount, and the food in the exchanger. In short something like 3 in the morning I $. I have no map with a wad of hundred-fly to the airport. Because stress slept the whole flight, and I am very afraid of flying.
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# 3
I got to the hotel without any problems. I download on tablet subway map NY. It has helped and rescued all the time.
When you check in ask for a map, which I booked. 15 minutes to talk with them, explain everything. We do not want to settle in, but everything was decided. And here is the first photo of the hotel for $ 120 per night

# 4 I woke up and immediately Manhattan. Early and no one

# 5 Parkovochka. Pay attention to the border (parebrik). Everywhere it is protected by a thick metal. At the last, too, can see the pictures

# 6 These are the rubber bands hung on the bumper. At night, they cleaned in the trunk maybe think that they cut

# 7 I'm going towards Central Park. Some Musorskogo college. Please pay attention to the quality of the roadway, it is the center of Manhattan. This is for those who would you sing about perfectly smooth roads.

# 8 Home Central Park

# 9 in NY Marathon was held, and took the route through the park.
By the way, the controversial claim that Americans all fat and eat McDuck. For all time I had only seen a woman to use an electric one, who could not walk because of his weight. In McDuck ran once piss. If you would have seen what's contingent would stop going there 100%. Homeless people read the newspaper, Afro just slept at the tables. No queues of students, we do not have))

# 10 Then a few pictures of the park

# 11

# 12

# 13

# 14 Rink

# 15 Then keep on the path of the East River. Find a squirrel in the photo))

# 16 asked what catch: on bloodworms or semolina)) was on the fish head

# 17 Home Of course chic style. more than 30 floors

# 18 Coast Guard cutter with a huge machine gun on the bow of the

# 19 I think this fraera seen in Moscow))

# 20 And then build a new skyscraper for some strange for me technology. Maybe someone will explain?

# 21
Here it is necessary to tell the story. Just before reaching this construction, I go to myself and not bothering anyone. Especially not lift my head up. Well, in general, do not differ much (as I thought) from others. Look, a man is leaning against the building back at the age of only collected hair in a ponytail. half gray. I go by the road, he stood by the building. As he passed, he comes quickly to me and says, on a purely Russian - Bro, what you are looking for? I said nothing and went on. In his mind as if I thought he was trying to offer me a smoke. But then I thought a long time, to come oherenny the American dream, and forties grass pushes students.

# 22 Queensboro Bridge and the cable car

# 23 next to the bridge I liked the condominium and grounds. Here dwell more. Exit and gazonchik, ocean bench. Beauty.

# 24 Now look at the picture. What is all smooth and even. In the crevices of the sealant. Pay attention to the road. If you look closely, you can see that all the roads are made convex so that the water flowed, and not accumulate on the roadway. And we have, so why not do it? Know someone?

# 25 If I am not mistaken at this building, I measured the width of about 30 steps. Height 40 floors

# 26 Going further means. Towards the police. Then another patrol. Che thought something had happened, but it turned out I went to the UN building.

# 27 Brooklyn Bridge and the view from his downtown

# 28 No sweet anywhere

# 29 then drove to a hotel in Brooklyn. There are no photos did, because there is nothing to watch. Sad ... but Mr. The only thing on my station was a suicide, and the body could not remove all the 10 days.

# 30 the next morning went to Times Square. There was also a night, no pictures. At night, the crediting

# 31

# 32

# 33

# 34 Masonic Lodge of New York

# 35 meters. See for yourself.

# 36

# 37

# 38

# 39

# 40 at Madison Square Garden. Then I went to a hockey game to NY Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins. Short story. I was looking for a place. I went to those who dictates where the number and place of yours and ask me where. He is the type even higher on the 1st floor. And this asks: Where are you from? I answer, "I am from Moscow!" He told me this: AAA, Russian! We'll kill your Putin! I quickly said Onley John g Dreams, turned around and left. Bl * Th why he said that? Smelly old usher! The mood is ruined, and I would not want to stand up when the national anthem sung, but stood as all but disabled people stood up.

# 41

# 42 is a pleasure to watch telly. Always write for all deaf.
Speaking of the news. News watched every day and at the time just something to solve Iran's nuclear program. And the American news media type so fed. DzhKerri and a group of other diplomats have agreed with Iran to reduce nuclear program. Neither Lavrov nor Russia would finally like to do with the type of current affairs and Carrie all razrulil.
Next, do you think 10 days in what was said about Russia? You ohreneete! Alekhine and Tolokonnikova transferred to another colony. and it Puxi Rayot and they are against Putin! I was shocked! The only news about the Russian! Russia Today has been a good thing!

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