Food that can kill

On the eve of Halloween, people gather in the cinema to see the characters of horror films are dying of various paranormal and mysterious pieces of deep space, but in real life is the most dangerous creature of all may be in your own plate! Perhaps, they must be accompanied by a warning, like those that hang on the old haunted houses: you eat it at your own risk.

Fish Fugu: Fugu contains a powerful poison, tetrodotoxin, which can lead to paralysis or death if the fish is properly cooked. For this reason, the right to cook it are only specially licensed chefs - after undergoing delicate courses. If you will experience such a dinner, perhaps with arsenic dessert or cocktail from turpentine is the perfect end to the evening.
It will be 10 dishes. How to finish tell. A selection of not breaking bleat

Kazu Marci: This cheese is filled with live larvae. Note that the larvae can live actually live in your body, bringing joy into your life diarrhea and frequent nausea. Although none of these symptoms do not kill you, they can do so that you yourself begin to regret it.

Mushrooms with different strange names: If you notice near any food with the word "deadliest" in its name, should we specify that eat it - it's not the wisest decision? If you want to live to old age, you should probably avoid the poisonous mushrooms with names like "fallen angel" or "Death Hat". Although they may look like ordinary mushrooms, the baby can contain up to seven different toxins. Do you want to risk their lives for the sake of some mushrooms?

Sanak (Dancing Octopus): Of course, the risk of choking and suffocation is always there when you eat your food, but you will definitely not improve your chances by eating these still live wriggly tentacles of the octopus that can stick to your cheeks, or even worse - to the inner surface of your throat.

Goliath frog, Namibia: No matter how tasty it is, but when your food contains "some very toxic internal organs," better keep away from her. One website describes the Goliath frog as a "minefield of various toxins, the most venomous are the skin and internal organs." Risk earn "temporary kidney failure" (you'd think a temporary kidney failure is much better than permanent kidney failure), or even death, seems too high a price for some frog legs, even if they "taste just like chicken."

Srebropolosy Blaasop: According to reports, this fish is very tasty, but according to the same reports, it is also very deadly. If you do not remove her liver and reproductive organs, toxins in the fish can lead to paralysis, breathing problems and even death - the real problems, especially if you're still planning to taste / to die of other products from our list.

Raw unpasteurized milk: The truth is that pasteurization of milk cleanses pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Brucella, without which your body is well able to survive.

Akka: It is certainly a beautiful plant - Jamaican fruit, and usually cooked with salted fish to create the famous national dishes. The problem is that the edible part of the fruit, yellow fibers surround the poisonous black seeds. And as if that were not enough, being not fully ripe, the fruit contains a poison called gipoglitsin that requires special handling and processing.

Durian: In the opinion of this Southeast Asian fruit can be fatal in combination with alcohol, but it is not the only risk he represents. It can be dangerous if the fall from a high branch on your head, and it may even kill your relationship with another person. According to a brave man, "after eating the fruit of your breath will smell as if you were practicing French kissing with a very stale corpseĀ».

Hot dogs: In the past, the American Pediatric Community recommended the "change" form of hot dogs, noting that their cylindrical shape makes them the main cause of child deaths by suffocation.
That's all I wanted to say. Bon Appetit.



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