Air show in Malaysia LIMA 2011

The signal for the beginning of the show were the three green whistle blasts up something pyrotechnic. Take the example of Oshkosh, which is great.

99 photos, the original here

02. Santa deer prepares an F-18

03. Paphos moment when taxiing Rafal

04. Gripenov I somehow profukali. There are just such a picture. Eto Well ONET?

05. But taxis and small simpatishnye MB-339CM Aermacci (TUDM M34-18) Malaysian Air Force.

06. In the modification of this machine fly the Italian Frecce Tricolori and Arab Al Fursan.

07. 550th Gulfstream (N888VS (cn 5313) brought some AIAI.

08. Hawker Beechcraft King Air at number 31214 - Guest of the states.

09. And this Learjet-60 (9M-FCL) lovingly called Calibrator II

10. Its cabin

11. Beauty is made of five business seats. I do not get enough attention from others. Hug me and sundry. toilet.


13. Learjet 35A (N835MC (cn 35A-673)

14. Dornier shows RUAG Do-228NG (D-CNEU (cn 8206)

15. Some of my colleagues called this airplane freak

16. I believe that the aircraft is never ugly!

17. What is not krosava?

pictures of the Su-30MKM

19. Soldiers

20. Avanti Piaggio. My favorite business jet. PK-BVV

21. Joint development and manufacturing company Ferrari and Piaggio.

22. As few as seven million dollars and can fly non-stop as much as 2,500 kilometers!

23. Pa-28 PIPER AIRCRAFT (9M-FRR), On board inscription - warrior 2. Kakbe fighter.

24. By the way, hot

25. US Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion. 333rd board.
In turn, the children, in turn!

26. Lockheed P-3 Orion - a coastal patrol aircraft. It was created based on the Lockheed L-188 and is essentially a modification thereof. Most of these aircraft are in the US Navy, Japanese Navy and the Royal Air Force of Australia.

27. At the 109 th Agusta in sunny weather to hang cloth - chopper overheats in the Malaysian sun.

28. Typhoon, which ran poyuzat ruchechki and buttons. The queue has not gone.

29. The little gray in the foreground - Hawk-208 (M40-04)

30. He. The boards M40-33, M40-34, and M40-24

31. Export version for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. In late 1990, Malaysia has ordered 18 aircraft. Malaysian aircraft distinguished reception bar for in-flight refueling. This is the only modification of this kind in the family Hawk.

32. JetFox97 at number 9M-EBT

33. Specifications

34. Malaysia Aerial Display Team KRISAKTI - Malaysian aerobatic team in the Extra-300 airplane

35. Krisakti young group. The idea of ​​its creation was born in 2009, the defense minister.

36. The first aircraft was received in June this year.

37. Six Malaysian pilots were trained in the UK.


39. Statements were they cheerfully. Rushed like mad stools, spinning drums, loops and made a counter aerobatics.





44. Now for the helicopter. This is a tiger. Or Tiger, as it is called)

45. Tiger - reconnaissance and attack helicopter. Designed Franco-German consortium Eurocopter.

46. ​​The fuselage 80% composed of polymeric composite materials (PCM) based carbon fiber and Kevlar 11% are aluminum, and 6% of titanium alloys.

47. The blades and tail rotor made from composite materials and is able to operate under combat injuries and collisions with birds.

48. Lightning protection and resistance to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) provides a thin bronze mesh and copper connecting foil deposited on the surface of the fuselage.

49. Location of the crew - the standard for the attack helicopters - tandem Tiger feature is front-pilot's seat, the operator's station - behind.

50. Mi-8 for firefighters.

51. C Agusta-109 removed the cloth. A little about the audience.

52. Why am I here priperlas? ..

53. No, not pryntsessa! The princess !!!

54. AS-355 Naval Aviation Malaysia. We have on this type of helicopter politsionery work.

55. In the passenger cabin can be placed from 3 to 6 people. Incidentally, I flew to the AS-355.

56. Maritim Malaysia Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 2, M70-02 (cn 6737).
The helicopter has excellent performance characteristics that can be used in the harshest operating conditions. This versatile machine is adapted for operation in high altitude and hot climate.

57. The helicopter has a tail rotor type Fenestron, the use of which contributed to the reduction of internal and external noise and improve safety. In addition, the machine is equipped with a retractable wheeled undercarriage, which enables it to operate in the busiest airports in the world. The noise level does not exceed 3, 1 dB.


59. Sikorsky S-92 / H-92 Superhawk - the American multi-purpose transport helicopter.

60. Stood all week about the exhibition and the pavilion was given to the wolves by hand to everyone.

61. Westland WG-13 Super Lynx Mk100

62. A light utility helicopter with a crew of one to three people

63. Eurocopter EC-145 (9M-CMD)

64. An updated version of the EC 145 is built using composite materials.

65. Another Sikorski - S-70B Seahawk.
Designed by helicopter UH-60 in accordance with the competition program of the US Navy for use with warships. First flight: 1979 Year of adopting - 1983.

66. 149th Agusta hid in a separate hut chalets. It is a medium utility helicopter with a crew of one or two people.

67. And a little about airplanes. Australian A-300 on its side Kanga

68. Very easy to use as protection from direct sunlight.

69. Slice tum


71. Boeing C-17 "Globemaster» III - US strategic military transport aircraft.

72. It was developed to replace the C-141 "Starlifter".

73 made its first flight on Sept. 15, 1991.

74. At present, this type of aircraft in service with the US Air Force, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada.

75. Possible values: 102 curb the military; 48 stretchers with the wounded; 3 helicopters AH-64 "Apache"; desantiruemye platform technology

76. Length of 53, 04 meters, a wingspan of 50 to 29 m, height of 16, 79 m

7. Cruising speed at low altitude 648 km / h, Ferry flight range of 8710 km.
Flight range: with a load weight of 56245 kg - 5190 km, with a cargo weighing 72,575 kg - 4445 km. Service ceiling 13,715 m.

78. Takeoff run with maximum payload - 2286 m, length of run with maximum payload - 914 m (with thrust reversers)

79. Casa CN-235 - Light turboprop military transport aircraft.

80. 20-mm cannon for the F-16. M61 20 mm GUN.

81. Hawk 208 - British subsonic jet trainer and light attack aircraft.

82. Litter on the airfield are not provided, so visitors organized garbage on the lawn.

83. In Malaysia, much less smiling faces, in contrast to neighboring Thailand.


85. Press Center. 16 kompUterov and quite nimble tyrnet. You could even call home by telephone. Tea, coffee constantly, feeding and water twice a day.

86. Sofa perhaps that is not provided.

87. Sometimes flew interesting side. 737 N413JG Weststar.

88. Yes, and also was Tokunaga.

89. The last run through the pavilion

90. Malaysian ministers interested in our submarine at the stand of Rosoboronexport.


92. Su-30MK in the joint stand of the KLA and Sukhoi



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