Writes Vlad Kulikov:

Constantly pulling the ground.
At this time, I visited the Cricova wine cellars.

Under the cut 15 photo


Since ancient times, here extract building stone - coquina.

Since 1952, formed the galleries have decided to store wine.
Pay attention to the ceiling - where you can see specific cuts, traces of extraction of building stone.

The official website states that "Cellars is the only and the biggest in the world of natural wine storage with a unique natural microclimate┬╗.
Year-round temperature stability + 10 + 12 degrees. The relative humidity of about 97-98%.
Around barrels, drums.

There are more than 100 collections of wines from the best grapes. Underground city stretches for 60 km.

As in every city, in Cricova has its streets, avenues, squares, traffic signs, traffic lights. And every street is named by name of wine, which is stored on it: the streets Codru, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot, and so on.
The inscription on the glowing plate right: Cabernet Street.

Traffic light. In the background, the trolley, which carry tourists.



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