Thirty hours alone with him

Writes physician, specialist in therapeutic fasting Alexander Barvinsky.

Have you ever left alone? The real ones - so that within a few tens of kilometers there was no one. Recently, it is rather difficult to do even if desired. And in the wilderness usually selected companies. So, realizing that in 24 years of my life, I never really did not remain without anyone's presence, I decided to fix it.

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Out of the city of Ulan-Ude on a minibus, 260km shaking and then I was in the village of Ust-Barguzin. Then by ferry across the river Barguzin, and then walk to the peninsula Holy Nose.

30 kilometers along the lake, one hour or one machine. September 22 and another, seemingly more recently, a month ago, there were a lot of people with tents all along the coast. And here goes UAZ with the fishermen, who cut my way to the island for a couple of hours. The only inhabited place is located in the north of the peninsula - there, kind of like, are constantly fishermen. I'm going to the southern part of the peninsula. Within a radius of 35 kilometers from me there is no one.

Honestly, I did not have a precise plan of action, as there was no sleeping bag and food and stuff :) Well, what food? You can not have a month and, if desired, and that really there for 2 days. Yes, and my stay in Ulan-Ude was associated with starvation - Conference on RTD, after all. So hungry march in honor of this event.

The peninsula is abundant in abandoned buildings ... Burned hotel with pieces of marble stairs. Old clothes in poluobvalivshihsya basements.

For hotel burned down a house in the style of "Wrong Turn."

Loaf of bread lying together with shoes, old statues and icons, moldy juice. Fishermen, driving me saying that, well, sometimes there live some hermit ... "Come boldly to them, they do not BIGI" - and said, But the house was not a hermit or BJ ... Nothing.


There was also a house. Condition is very decent, lacking only windows and doors.

I bump into another empty house. In view of the furnace I decide to spend the night there.

Before Sunset was a lot of time that I spent on exploring the surrounding area and the search for paths towards the highest point of the peninsula - 1870 m.

Overnight it stood out much more complicated than I thought. Firstly, it was necessary to heat the furnace in the smoke. At first I thought it was a ride, because And this technique was the place to be in history ... That's just the smoke from the open door does not go in a hurry, and heat escapes. The decision to spend the night in the tent collapsed, this failure took about 40 minutes (at night the temperature dropped neatly degrees to 2-3 and signed the sentence, 40 minutes - the time from when I went up to the moment I got out of the tent and ran a lantern cellars burnt hotel look abandoned clothes). The cold forced me to think, as a result, I was able to dig valve and ensure the normal flow of smoke. Bonus also served found myself in one of the abandoned houses mattress. At night, scratching mice and other creatures, nevertheless managed to get some sleep. The morning looked like.

Start climbing. At the beginning of the ascent I had 05 liters of water (+ whole Baikal), although the heat is not expected, so that was quite enough.

The rise becomes steeper and harder. My task is to go on a ridge to climb over it to the top, the trail is almost not visible, although there are some labels. On the island, they say, many bears and other wild game. I think about them :)

The height of 800 meters - a burned forest. Apparently the fire was not so long ago - a year or two ago.

About 1200 meters to climb more snow. It starts strong wind.

In fact - very heavy ... It is already the third hour of recovery. The wind increases, the trail is not for a long time - go up the navigator and improvised route. Here, the height of about 1500 - 1600 meters.

Frankly, all the time I am thinking about how to turn, stop at 1500 or walk, get out to the rocks, but every time I tried to convince myself to continue climbing ... If in the woods I was worried about silly thoughts about bears, here, quite rightly, I was bothered by the thought fracture of a limb, followed by problems related to the continuation of life. By this time I was alone for more than 24 hours. I play music. Thoughts on surrender completely disappeared at around 1700 meters altimeter.

After 4 and a half hours recovery go to the top.

The highest point of the peninsula conquered. Visibility 15 meters top of the mountain a cloud covered the powerful, generously sprinkled with mountain snow.


The rise took about 5-hours. Upcoming descent. Going down is always easier, but more dangerous. View of Lake Baikal from the height of 1500 meters. Barguzin Bay.

Lingonberry ... And the sun.


I get down 2 and a half hours. Then the road ahead in the direction of civilization, and, according to tradition, after 10 kilometers I caught Kamaz fishermen

UPD. ... With a cracker was 2, 5 nuts and 3 tablespoons of honey - so they stayed on the peninsula Holy Nose.

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