The most absurd patents

All have heard about Apple and its constant patents and ships with other organizations.
For example, the rounded corners on electronic devices.
The patent belongs of course Apple, so if you decide to make a device with rounded edges, hire a good lawyer.
For the company Samsung, for example, another patent war ended with a loss of 1, 5 billion dollars.

Take a look at some other absurd patents.

"Round the unit to facilitate transportation»

How would not sound confusing wording, it is only normal wheel. Rights for the invention, which is not less than five thousand years, were issued in 2001, the Australian John Keogh. He filed an application with one purpose - to demonstrate the absurdity of the Australian patent system. It has turned out.

"The wireless communication"

Pretty vague wording, is not it? In 1999 NetAirus Technologies filed an application for everything wirelessly that is connected with communication, and in 2006 received a patent. Due to the fact that the description of the patented invention is too general, and NetAirus itself does not produce anything, the company decided to sue Apple. The trial lasts to this day.

"Method teeter"

According to the patent, issued in 2002, swinging on a swing now - the art copyrighted. The document includes a drawing of a loose swing. The very way not one that is familiar to all of us from childhood: his legs forward, legs back. This new method involves alternately pull is enough for the right, then left for the rope and swinging from side to side.

"The way to cover his bald head»

In 1977, a couple from Florida inventors received a patent for a method zachёsyvaniya residues men's hair, which allows to disguise his bald head.



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