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The comrades of the "Rolf" kindly invited me to hang out one day a Hyundai-Altufievo to the hard experience all the adversity and hardships. I agreed, of course, I'm always for any kipesh.

Adversity and hardship began for me with the fact that we had to get up at seven in the morning and go down to the underworld. Already at that moment I realized that I would never work in any Hyundai-Altufievo nor Porsche-Ruble. You know, the service sector employees - well, they also have to default to hate their customers! It is strange that it is not as common

8:30. The trickle of people attracted to the center of the building. 230 people work in the building and across the street is still Rolf-Mitsubishi.

How nice: in the showroom is a pile of cash machines for customers, and even a whole branch of Alpha Bank built. Interestingly, it is some special ATMs? In normal as of eminent, can not be removed at once so much money, that was enough for the car.

And here they are - the damned dear customers, who do not sleep in the morning. Moreover, "in the morning" - is an understatement. It turns out that dealership operates from 7:30 am! Cute little girl come, respectively, to 7 am, and get up, then five hours. And yes, people come to seven, rent car service. Here are nine there, and are already sitting:

You can make the center and all around the clock. That is so even made - had a PR campaign. During the night arrived a half dozen people.
And it is I, office plankton in glasses and a shirt.

Immediately say - I did not sell the car, and was engaged only in "after-sales service." Selling machines - this is a small part of the business. Consultants who actually sell the car, only some 25 people, or 10% of the staff. A mechanic, for example, more than a hundred.
My first workplace called "specialist to work with clients in a service bureau." The meaning of this work - to accept the client and determine it to the master-counselor. Doing it four. The work is conducted in a special software (CRM), I did a little studied and, to begin with, became phoning already recorded customers. "Hello, Rashid Iraklionovich! Worried Sergei, Rolf-Altufievo. You are now written to the TO is 10 hours. You do not be able to? What a bastard shame! At what time you record? »
Those who arrive in time to meet the need, call the wizard, and make a mark in the program. And so that never nakosyachit (I say the same - it's not mine!). When I arrived a friend who swore that was recorded at 10 today, but he was listed in the CRM yesterday afternoon - it is just a specialist school. We had to resolve the masters so that prisunut schedule and this fellow. In general, there are actually a bunch of nuances in the work of the girls, but like everything just looks the part.

Comrade was ten H-1, which you'll have to grapple replaced a month ago, but it has stalled. It takes a man called "master consultant". It's kind of like my second job. I was like for Alexander Karnozova, but does not replace it - for this we must be too steep. Master consultant should diagnose the car for a brief inspection to determine the scope of work, and give orders mechanics. To do this, he must know all the device brand cars is better than the president he knows the words to. All vehicles, including those that are no longer sold, and all systems - from radio to the rear of the gearbox. Here Alexander shows a sign in which the mechanics of the cars are painted. I confirm - he's cool.

In the case of H1, we ride around the center, but what really tractive connection slips, it was clear even from the passenger seat. The car was taken to the work. When I asked for excuses Alexander frankly admitted - indeed, there are brands that require dealers to accept as little as possible warranty cases. In the case of Hyundai, the Koreans are not greedy, quietly paying for all warranty cases. If you have a different experience - Welkom in the comments!
Yes, if you do not know - a free repair or maintenance (TO-0, warranty, feedback) - a manufacturer of loss, but not the dealer. The manufacturer pays the dealer all the work, so the dealer these are not simply at a loss, and even beneficial (albeit little)! The dealer usually uninterested to sculpt otmazony client and for any sneeze shoot the warranty, this often requires a manufacturer.

Well, ok, I went to the shop. Dressed in kombez, I tied a bandanna, read the three volumes of the safety instructions. The tour had Roman Makarov, boss mechanics.

And I worked with Alexander Kostin - quite young, but one of the most venerable mechanics in Rolfe. It was he who brags name tag with a barcode. The center doors open spaces, of course, badges.

"Tool - it is a mechanic bread!" In fact, all of their sets, but some particularly genikologicheskogo character tools hang on a special joint stand.

This warehouse - storekeeper issues a numbered trough parts for a specific machine.

Here 20 posts.

"In general, the work of the mechanics, of course, requires constant training. We need all the time to grow, develop, learn new things, otherwise you do not just stay on the old level, but really otupeesh from odnooobraziya. "

Here is the second thing that struck me in Rolfe - hidden lifts, I have not seen even once, although in fact the chief editor of the publication about the services. Supports completely hidden in the floor and go out only when, in fact, it is necessary to lift the machine. Awesome thing.

Hyundai i30 came to TO. I changed the filters and stuff. That climb changing cabin (those on the title picture). There's absolutely inadequate design - filter large but divided into two parts, because the hole is small. First you need to insert one half, then pick it up, and keeping your finger from the bottom podpihnut second. While maintaining tightness. And yes, how uncomfortable working under the panel!
I have a theory that evolution must sooner or later lead to a special race radios and alarm installers - young people with long arms and on each of three cubits. In the process of natural selection, they will supersede the profession usual clumsy people who get under the bar, and there is something to feel - the whole story.
As far as the general job mechanic - no, not mine! The office was cool. Clean, bright, flies do not bite, the keys on the leg does not fall.

"Women's car can always be found. No, not dents - for all sorts of baubles. " In this case, in addition to hanging baubles ribbon "I put X on power thieves", and the cup holder was strewn with sequins. However, boys are also different.

I change the wheel. According to their dealer standards should be tightened with a torque wrench - with a certain point, that is. First, of course, wrench, and then - check the torque with a torque.

But the first thing out of the two that impressed me. The whole dressing room, toilet, shower for mechanics Rolf looks that way. I will not be mistaken if say anything.

The next place of "work" - the body shop. Here 19 posts and 2 cameras. In the pictures, if I am not mistaken, the Sonata is pulled on the stocks.

Here, like red, definitely.

Yury Rumyantsev, the boss tinsmiths, shows samples of paint - a colorist office.

Indeed, what I have to play a man whose job it is to select colors.

Here I sander zamatiroval bumper. And, you know, I realized: not mine! .. If, for example, a mechanic hypothetically, I could work in lean years - in the end, on the same machine, I did a lot of things, even as the turbine itself foolishly changed. But tinsmiths, painters - people with a very special temperament. The average person can not polish a piece for three hours and do not go crazy, I think. I probably average. So much patience and perseverance to become a tinsmith, I and fifty years will not be.

That way, in the painting caught the eye of a typical geological section of the bumper. On your machine vygyadit all about the same. Layers 1 (plaster), 2 (plastic), 3 (first ground), 4 (second ground), 5 (paint), 6 (LAC).

Preserve nature, your mother.

The local dining (quite tasty, staff freebie) discussed with bosses prospects warranty and service. Well, I'm here for a long time can tell. Over the years, cars are more reliable and more complex, ie repairs are less frequent, but they are more expensive. Accident modern cars has been steadily declining - emergency repair becomes less profitable than conventional mechanical. The manufacturer makes more non-performing units - only the replacement of the whole. And so on.
I must say that the interview with servismenov - it is a dream of a journalist. The fact is that the auto repair and parts - this is not show business, working with pieces of iron quite boring. Therefore, all servismeny love to talk - it is necessary to ask, then they will all tell you, it is not necessary to pull anything.
In the dining room curtains made with photos of employees, for some reason, in mourning the circles.

After lunch, I have worked as a mechanic. Tire equipment stands right in the shop and work on it are all mechanics. That is, for the most i30 we wheel themselves and perebortovali. That's it for me was actually a revelation - from the time of the Soviet childhood, when I was tinkering in the garage with my dad, alone accounted for except that the cycling chamber insert and the tire is now always trained people do. It turned out - it's difficult enough garbage, there are plenty of nuances and ruin the drive or in the process of tire costs nothing. Do not trust podzabornaya sharashka.
Although, if you do not forget all the nuances, the machine does all the work himself. But the wheels, it is still dirty and the heaviest. Every now and then on the back of the load in all, not mine!
Last Post - delivery to the client machine. This is the most interesting, but there is probably better to listen to your stories.

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