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Terminator 2

Linda Hamilton, who performed the role of Sarah Connor, a sister Leslie Hamilton, like her as two drops of water. Remember the scene in a steel mill, where a terminator T1000
It takes the shape of Sarah Connor. Leslie sang the role of the double. In addition, the full version of the film there is a scene with a mirror, which also was involved in a twin sister.


The twins Dan and Don Stanton were used in the filming of an episode in a psychiatric hospital, where guards took the form T1000.


The chase scene in a helicopter from the Terminator T1000 comes third hand.


As a fee for the role of Terminator T800 Arnold Schwarzenegger received the aircraft Gulfstream III


Schwarzenegger said that never again will play the villains in the survey and agreed on the condition that his character does not kill anyone.
In "Terminator 2" killed a total of 16 characters - all of them victims of the "Liquid Robot┬╗ T1000.


The guy from "Kiberdayn Systems" on T-shirt Emblem of the Russian Federation signed "When Russia was free, the three penny worth goose┬╗


In scenes ATM burglary and combination lock John Connor uses mini-computer Atari Portfolio




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