10 things for which I love Russia

Write, what you do not like Russia - is easy, and that's what you love ...

I wrote about Ukraine and Belarus. Why write about his country =)

1. Broad is my native

2. Russian, and indeed the most beautiful Slavic girl

3. The most common weapons. I do not know about you, but I could not pass up this legendary weapon.

4. Our culture and history.

5. outstanding natural beauty! In the above privacy like Altai

6. During normal Russian guys who protect us and shed blood for us. Grandfathers nothing to be ashamed of.

7. For what we love to make fun of their difficulties, and in general over all.

8. Because we are afraid of all foreign countries. They do not know what to expect from us.

9. Our hockey players. Especially juniors!

10. Because Russia generous soul! As much as we nebylo bad, we always help to the best of everything. MChSovtsy done!



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