Chernobyl Museum in Kiev

Blogger lady-sumerki visited Kiev and went to the museum: Select your unique and somehow relevant topics trip - Chernobyl Museum. It's quite a strange place at some of the photos looks like a nightclub. But in reality it is not so - is very correct exposition reflects the scale of the incident and the atmosphere of tragedy. In the windows raised a lot of once secret documents, newspapers, letters, photographs. This museum is not only a repository, but also a true memorial.
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1. "April 26, 1986 there was a destruction of the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The destruction was of the explosive nature of the reactor was completely destroyed, and the environment were released large quantities of radioactive substances. The accident is regarded as the largest of its kind in the history of nuclear power, both on the estimated number of dead and injured from the consequences of its people and economic damage. In the aftermath of the accident involving more than 600 thousand. Man "- that this terrible event is devoted to the exposition of the National Museum of Chernobyl.

The museum was opened in the premises of the fire station, in a building which in the 80s was located Kiev regional fire department, has taken the brunt of fire fighting at Chernobyl. A cursory examination, it could be said that the museum "about nothing" and it can be run in 5 minutes. But this is only a cursory examination. To go to this museum certainly need to tour, especially because it is very inexpensive (especially by Moscow standards, and in the presence of the company). The guide explains in great detail, it is interesting and soul. Gives information not only official, says people who for various reasons have forgotten the government is considering several versions of the accident (unfortunately, the impression you forget to take a printout with all versions). In addition, it includes layout unit Chernobyl and absolutely unbelievable three-phase diorama "Chernobyl nuclear power plant before, during and after the accident».

2. General view of the first hall


4. Meet the visitors to the museum hours, which "froze" the accident

5. Working model demonstrates the principle unit of Chernobyl nuclear power plant operation

6. And this is the three-phase diorama
It is, of course, it is necessary to shoot a video - it is dynamic, but we had no devices to shoot video. I have no idea how it works. It looks as if everything happens to be one layout. I suspect that there are actually three layouts, and some system of mirrors, but not sure. There are experts? How do these things work?
The museum is quite modern - opened in 1992. But I still can not help wondering how well made the exposition: beautiful, atmospheric, with a sufficient level of creativity, with the judicious use of symbols and allegories.

7. The first hall smoothly flows into the second
In this room: map, form liquidators, examples of plants and animals exposed to radiation.

8. The largest room is filled with the least educational material - this is essentially a large installation with meaning. Ahh, no, then there's the movie show



11. As far as I remember, it photographs of children who lived in Pripyat. Some of them are alive








19. Above the staircase hangs names of settlements, caught in the zone of alienation

20. And on the first floor of the museum hangs my old dream - chandelier insulators



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